Musical Theatre

I am sure there are those among us who may enjoy going to the theatre. Either for classical music or plays.
So if anyone is interested there is this going on:

and this…although the damage for the tickets is something else[ATTACH=full]7619[/ATTACH]

thao mbili na punch? wah wana.act noi ama?

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Maybe Jennifer Hudson na Beyonce wanaact…

si mililipa 8k kuona watoto wa Nigeria??

Watoto wagani?

Wizkid and Davido

8k? Kwani they were pelting the crowd with diamonds?

granted, it was vip & vvip
[ATTACH=full]7629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7630[/ATTACH]

Afadhali niende huku

I will pay 8k when there is UP IN SMOKE NAIROBI TOUR


wewewewe. that one was epic!!