Music Revolution in the republic?

Are we witnessing the birth of a brand new genre.I believe it’s called genge tons.I mean this guys taking the music scene by a storm and an audience they do have indeed.Most of their music hits 1M+ while the more well known artists are struggling hitting 100k+

To these who say that their music is vulgar and childish, what do you think the regular American rappers you listen to rap about? I believe their major disadvantage is they lack The skills to capitalize on their hits financially in terms of promotions, branding etc Sailors are managed by Mwalimu Rachael so they’re probably going in the right direction.She’s been getting them stadium performances,Tv airtime etc.

Do you think this type of music will Keep up or will the hype die down?Pretty interested on how it will develop or fall over the coming years.

Kuna mtu alisema, you don’t need high end hotels and fancy accent in order to make. Ethic, have proven that.

I am loosing braincells

:D:D:D veterans like nonini, wyre, juacali, nazizi, prezzo, punit struggle to reach 100k views per song. Having powerful connections to corporate managers for endorsements, TV and radio managers for airplays doesn’t cut it today. YouTube imewa piga sweep Waka ingia line. Crowds kwa club demand YouTube songs to be played rather than radio hits sijui ziko top 9 at 9 pare hits not homework at kapiro fm

I give it to these young artists, hapo walitumia akili ku bypass githeri media. They are have shown other creatives to bypass githeri media in order to market their works without having some a** hole stealing their ideas before production.

While some of the music is trash some of it is very catchy. But even better it pisses of this orangutans with their morality nonsense whose job is to stiffle creativity just because it insults there misconstrued sensibilities.

Every generation has their tune, us born in the 80s, tunes were r n b, hip hop, ragamuffin and reggae in its 80s 90s version.
They’re in their 20s it’s their time but hawana lyrics, but hey it’s their time.

I think this is just a fad. Give them 3 years or 4 from now. I think the target audience is high school kids and below. The current high school kids will outgrow the music and by that time another group will have taken over the highschool and primary school going fans.

If they want to last for ever they should do music that appeals to a wider section of society like Sauti Sol, Suzzane Owiyo, Eric Wainaina, Nyashinski and be consistent. They should not concentrate on vulgar and party music only.

from your spelling, it’s quite clear.:smiley:

Lakini they will live a lasting mark. They are doing what we have been ranting against githeri media. You can’t keep on imposing things on us. The day data prices zitashuka every Kenyan awe na stable internet hapo ndio itakuwa chanzo cha kifo ya Githeri media.

pekejeng inamaanisha nini?

Back in '06 to '09 kulikua na crank Muzik ilikuja ikakufa. Pia hii same tu

To my understanding it’s either kuosha rungu/dry hump … Lyrics zinaendanga… Legeza kiuno nipekejengLegeza diaba nipekejeng
It’s a hunch