Music player

Wakubwa which is the best Android music in the market sai


Mx player

Sony music player


Black player EX

Unataka ku funga ngoma kwa gari ama kwa nyumba?

Not sure what you meant by “Android Music”. If it’s a music app for paying music, there’s a forum folks were discussing such. Below is a link, if your are anti-click/okanyal crick battalion then search elsewhere.

Songpal :SONY

I’ve tried more than 20 music players na hakuna yenye inaeza fikia PowerAmp.
Either ubuy powerAmp ama kama uko rooted install viper.

hii si ni Video player?

Poweramp ni the best hands down

Mimi I use Google Music Player

acha ni buy hiyo pro version ya poweramp nione vile iko

Brathe jaribu hii and thank me later[ATTACH=full]148868[/ATTACH]

hii wameunda na Kotlin?

Hii ni moto ya kuotea mbali kwanza vile huchuna

iko na viper integrated?

My best player should come with band equalizer, volume normalization, a tag editor, scrobbling, and plenty of other features. That will be PowerAmp, n7player and jetAudio HD

Powerasmp iko na 10 band equalizer,downloadable skins and quality sound.