Music n wealth ? How now (thread for thinkers)

This thread is meant for philosophers n thinkers …

My point is music , for you to be famous worldwide just release a hitsong , no one cares about the language Bora beat n rhythm iwe inacheza na akili zetu … Let’s look at some hits of 21st century

PSY - Gangnam style
So this chinese released a song n we loved it , he became a. Billionaire just like that…

Despacito - by luis fonxi /Yankee

The language is Mexican but we still loved it , n the fellas are stinking rich …

Sixnine music------ 69

I don’t know what he sings but c’mmon u can’t ignore that music …

Back home Kuna ngoma huwa Zina hit direct nyumbani…

For example ile ngoma ya jubilee na uhuruto oooh my zinaimbanga tu kwa kichwa + ile ya vijana tuwache mihadarati…

So what’s the secret with music n humans … Could music be the key to happiness n eternal life ?


philosopher ungewweka real time financial status of the aforementioned “musicians”

Does fame equate wealth? How does fame, wealth, happiness and eternal life come up in the same post and their correlation? At what point do they intersect? Can we draw a venn diagram of this incoherence?
kaĩ wanyua kĩ mũthuri?

Fangi :-P:-P:-P

Music and Health:

This is because music is a universal language

but philosophers are broke af

but still, it’s the melody that matters

Music connects the soul of mankind