Music copyright society of Kenya

I recently got an invoice for payment from these guys, are they still legal? Because I heard they were stopped from collecting money on behalf of the atristes.

I also thought the same but had to pay them 4k after they persisted

Claiming to be a music artist as a career in kenya must be a joke

They arrested my shop attendant for having music in his laptop

As long he is in a commercial place then even a personal laptop counts. Also note that if software counterfeit guys (say Microsoft) meet you in a commercial place they will have to check your machine for pirated softwares and arrest you.

Wawache upuzi… Even dennis itumbi is using pirated software akiwa statehouse…

Ok, they can even arrest when it’s not in a commercial place. But then again, have they ever arrested anyone? If so kila mutu nafaa kuwa ndani ya cell.

I don’t know if they do arrests now but back 2009 when I used to do movies at Moi Avenue they used to give us headaches.
Last year they could even demand private car owners to have music stickers on their windscreens. A talker was arrested and posted here.

What happened afterwards? Did (s)he pay a fine? How much? …

Last I heard its board was dissolved and the organisation stopped from collecting royalties.

Kuna mbili sasa. MCSK na PRSK. Wanademand wote walipwe.

do you still take those supple-ments?

I supplement nothing. I am always enough.

MsCK ni ka imeenda. Hii ndio husumbua sku hizi

Majamaa wa huko wananiambia nilipe zote juu ni different bodies.

Kenyans get conned because of lack of knowledge.

MCSK are not authorized to collect any payments as the case is still in the courts… …This ruling was done in July 27,Case will be heard in November 8th for dtermination,till then they have no authority and those doing it are just out to scam you for your ignorance

you are misinformed sir. there’s money, for the real ones.

huto tushiny eye hapo kwa reception…didn’t trust them.


What if you keep your system locked with a password. And don’t give it to them?