Museveni on Al Jazeera

You never corner Museveni;

Museveni corners you.

He is simply man handling this journalist

Question: will you run for another term?

Answer: we’ll follow our constitution.

A constitution he changes at will.

Politicians hide behind the Bible,the will of the people and the constitution

Stella Nyanzi pekee ndiye anwezana na ssebo

the wife forgave the Stella but m7 akiulizwa anasema stella anastahili kufungwa

He is a regional embarrassment but if you thought he is the worst, there is Kabila, Salva Kiir etc who can’t even hold a country together.


Nimeshangaa two hrs later na bado hujakujiwa na mafans wake wa huku. Enyewe leo ni Sunday Mungu aabudiwe!

you could see Museveni wanted to stop the interview briefly apeane the journalist Kwa wasee wa intelligence for 15 minutes alafu tuone kama atauliza M7 questions that make him look bad again.

He is lucky the interview was done in Qatar