case ya murder huwa tough kwa mshtakiwa. ii itakuwa turning point kwa maisha yake.

Our courts are laughable. Why do you they allow suspects to hide behind masks, scurves, hoodies, shades, etc?

Watu si niwavae kunguru za orange Kila mtu awaone?

you can go visit her at Langata womens

Right to privacy, remember

What right to privacy? She’s a suspect for God’s sake!

hata mimi sijawai elewa why they let suspects where balaclava, masks , hoodies . yaani hata magistrate/police hana makende ya kuambia suspect atoe hizo vitu .

That same thug will come out and rob other Kenyans we have a right to identify him .

i remember those KRA employee thugs who were brought to court all of them were donning balaclavas and masks and hoodies hata magistrate sielewi alijua who is who. this has to change .

@dingoo_wa_ingoo advice .

It’s a bit scandalous really. The people you trying to hide from yaani neighbors, family and friends wanakujua from your name si lazima waone Sura. The rest of us raia don’t give a flying fart you just another face in the crowd. Infact nikipatwa na scandal kuu me najitoa nakua public intellectual, mtaniona Kwa internet na TV mchoke

The reason they hide their faces is to be able to con and rob more people if they’re set free

Suspects still have rights, sababu kuna ile ya innocent until proven guilty.

By default inahitajika kujua hivo


Musangi must find running centum and and other kirubu businesses very boring to decide to be part of the defence.

Musangi is her friend