Murdered vip lanye

Wangapi walimchangia huyu VIP…found murdered weeks ago in Pipeline.

Malanye hukaa so different na makeup na bila. Maybe Kuna elder amepitia but haezi recognize at all

Who killed her?


The things men do in the name of pleasure :D:D:D
Afadhali nitombe paipai kama pharmacy

@Silverback83 and wangapi crew , her blood on your hands

If you can’t back up your claims with evidence stfu.

Pinning bloody murders on innocent people ain’t a personality dude.



First of all she was killed due to late coming not being an actual lanye.It was later that it was discovered what she was doing.Secondly you will die of stress being the moral Police in this platform.You have a better chance of milking a Stone.

Kwanza we we hukula wazee utafanya watoto wakose malezi ya shosho .

@Agwambo umepoteza kitombeo na husemi

si huyo that is a different story…huyu story has it that alienda na mwanaume kwake then he murdered her…

Value ni 50

Weka picha vizuri


Man charged with murder of sex worker

i think this is a different story…this happened in 2021 and the case is going on in court… For this particular case, inasemekana she hosted the man in her house after meeting in town. he killed her in cold blood and then escaped

inafikanga wapi unaamua ku mada lanye? ama ni Beta Male alikua amemkufia anataka kumfuga awache hiyo job malaya ikakataa beta meo in love ikasema lazima imtoe uhai

Unawekea marehemu value? Umelaaniwa? May she RIP

Back in 2020 when covid lockdown was introduced a certain veteran lanye was battered and murdered by her allegedly husband