Thats what a group of crows hanging out is called…another useless fact

useless indeed

My Merriam Webster dictionary doesn’t have that definition.

Its actually not as useless, if I were in high school I would actually use that in my composition if only to embarrass my English teacher hehe


Hehehe, I can imagine the teacher underlining the word in red and numerous question marks.

Something like: In that forest, I found a murder and a parliament feasting on the carcass of an inkalimeva.

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you learn something new everyday…ahsante

Hehe… Reminds me way back in high school, used the word “motel” in my form 2 composition… My explanation, even an attempt to confirm from the dictionary fell on deaf ears, ati hakuna word kama hiyo…

A murder of crows and a parliament of owls sat around the dying elephant …

Valar morghulis.

Winter is coming…