Murder most foul

A Swiss national has been found dead in Mtwapa, Kilifi county.

Mocer Max was found with deep cuts in his face at Mtwapa creek.

Regional police commander Larry Kieng said they are pursuing suspects as they investigate the incident.

“The officers are on the ground and a breakthrough will be made soon. Let me assure and put it clear that the suspects will be arrested and arraigned,” he said.
gori images sina

si the other foreigners who were murdered in August were also Swiss

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Setbacks to tourism industry.

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Kuja mundeke

Very sad indeed. It sets a bad image for kenya abroad.

Welcome back gathee



Hi Afro. :slight_smile:

hehehehe…col kakende is an on n off guy, last time he checked in he asked one introvert to intro himself. yale matusi alipata (from villagers) yalimpeleka self exile


Salimia pal.i used to live in swaminarayan some years back.

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Henia cuguo.

Hebu weka picha ya fisi tujue kweli ni wewe.

I wonder if they used a Swiss army knife

So sad maze…

Is it a coincidence they are all swiss nationals?

Could it be bigger than what we are being told given that fact the other deaths were also Swiss.
Could it be that sins of a life past are catching with them?

Just a thought.

Kana nyu…

That story is like an onion…so many layers.