Murder made to look like suicide

Copied from a true crime community I am in. I remember a case like this in Kenya unfortunately you can’t follow any case in Kenya because they’re out of the media almost instantly and trials take forever.

Copied from ID super fans group

Hey I have a question for everyone, my friend was murdered almost three weeks ago and was hung to make it look like a suicide. Well she was leaving her former babies dad for someone else and got engaged. Her former ex useto threat her I will kill you if you leave. We all believe he did it, but proof is hard to prove. We all have proof of ex threatening her hy text, video, or messages.As much as I know and all of you who watch investigations, the police never took pictures nor evidence of the death. I believe that’s not right or they were paid not too or something idk. About 80% people know she did not commit suicide, like why would you go through all that trouble before doing that? She was supposed to get married last week, in process of buying a home and starting a new beginning.