Talkers share how to make your home-brew . Thank you

Too much fake fobe going around

Yutiub and gugu are your fckin friends

You need, Miratinas, Ngogoyo ( or sugar ) Honey and water , all those need to be clean . Mix water, sugar, and honey, finally throw in the Miratinas and tightly seal in a container, place said container in a warm enviroment and let science do the rest , keep checking after a few days to check on potency and to release pressure in the container, ideally should be ready in twenty days.

Toa Mnazi hapo. Mnazi hutengeneza mnazi mnazini bila bin adamu kuhusika( i guess through photosynthesis)

Kazi yako ni kuita mgema aje na kisu na mtungi apande juu ya mnazi , akate hiyo spathe, mnazi uanze kudondoka ndani ya kibuyu. Akishuka chini ni divai freshi bila kuongezea chochote, hata maji.

Nilisikia muratina isipoiva poa inaweza kuua. There was a time afew people died in Kiambu after consuming muratina. Not sure what went wrong

Miratina huitwa aje na kimonimoni?

Quantities for 20ltrs?

Not true. Most ‘niliskia’ things are usually wrong

Sausage tree, kigelia

When I realised how much I used to spend on Liquor, I even once owned a club huko kamiti Road, area ya canopy, fyi we had partnered with a Friend of mine who used to brew this Muratina and sell it at that club. Chief ni Nani , akatuvamia, A story for another day.
My guy taught me how to brew Muratina, In the House,
For Twenty Litres you need
* 2-3kg of Local honey, (Preferably Raw)
*3kg Local Sugar
*100grms Yeast (Eagle Yeast)

Mix the Honey with warm water + 1kg of Sugar .¾ litres of water of the 20 litres Mtungi.
Stir the 100 grms of yeast with 1/2 litres of Hot Water.
The 16.5 Litres solution is set open in a warm place for 3 days. You must see bubbling up of the solution for the 3days. ÑB: Do not cover the jerrican due to alot 9f pressure during the process.
3rd Day mix another 1Kg of Sugar with Hot water and add to the Solution to make 17.5litres Leave it open. By now a nice aroma should be erupting , project is on
6th day add the other 1kg of sugar as well with hot water
and add to make 18.5 litres.
Wait for another 3days As you watch the process until it begins to slow the bubbling , then you can still the jerrican tightly, you will see the jerrican swelling , don’t worry, you can loosen the lid and enjoy the final stages,
After 10days you can start enjoying your Drink . If it’s still got a lot of sugar wait untill the sweetness disappears and a slight bitterness starts to be felt.
The More Days you wait untill settling of the residue, to achieve a smooth light yellow solution not sweet not bitter determines the type of your Brew.
Thank me Later

They spike it with conc ethanol or formaldehyde for potency which sometimes is done harphazadly without factoring in the units per quantity

Entirely untrue

hii yako apana,yeast nis hortcut and causes heartburns kuruka…real ratish na njohi ya athuuri you dont use yeast,you use miratina,nikio itagwo muratina and mostly njohi ya athuuri kana ya kiama you dont use honey…they use ngogoyo ya miwa na sukari…no need to even use hot or warm water…you make a sugar water solution,50kgs bag of sugar goes into a200 ltrs drum…add the sugar solution to the miratina,seal the drum tightly ama italipuka for two days then on the third day add 100 ltrs of ngogoyo. Cover again for two days then check kama imeiva.
For a comprehensive ratish brewing,tembelea bwana dojo pale gachororo juja…he is the don in matters ratish in kiambu county.

maji isikuwe moto sana, you will kill the yeast

Nimesema the same procedure hapo juu nikaambiwa entirely untrue, this is the proper way of making it.

I have a friend who makes killer muratina…thing is his is potenter coz mnakunywa na asali hapo kando…shida ni for the so called birrionnaires here asali iko na nyuki zimekufa uko ndani…lakini iyo muratish niliibook time Moja nikienda home iyo siku sijui nilienda aje home pro box niliwacha kwa compound Yao nilijipata home wakidai nilikataa na kifunguo…we have so much potential especially among some young men like him alifundishwa kupika ratish na guka yake…first time kukunya ratish na asali original kama chaser:D:D:D

how did i miss this…you are right…so right indeed

true if only his roots are from nyeri or at least kiambu

waambie watembee wajionee wagema wakisifiwa…guys be taking shortcuts.

He is form kiambu…must be gatundu…jamaa amekafunga mbaya sana…to get ratish kwake you have to make an order early enough,ile line inakuwanga kwake daily is unimaginable…
He has his tentacles far,wide and deep,athuri a kiama and even kwa gover,there is a vehicle ya kinoti boys but not a subaru,a landcruiser,inakujanga kila friday na vijana machahari kuchukua mtungi kumi without fail and they pay cash probably to hide the money trail.
If you ever pass by juja,ingia hapo gachororo uulizie kwa dojo,utakaribishwa na ruhia.