I know and understand that this is not a hook up site. But I am on a business trip in Murang’a and I am on edge. I am not a fan of nduthi. Out of respect for an elder, any pusi recommendation will be highly appreciated. I promise to bring that hekaya here.
P.S And I have taste.

unaenda muranga wapi exactly uwekewe taste poa

Murang’a hiyo Moja town


Jitembeze tu around.

Not helpful

@Meria Mata, kuja hivi kiasi u translate hii to Greek ndio ieleweke vizuri.

Kamaru: Mum come see the lady that I told you, that made my children have red hair that made me fired

Mother: I didn’t know it was such a beautiful lady

Kamaru: This lady you see, I met her at a whispers bar at Murang’a when I turned, I met her looking at me and immediately became like one spellbound by a python, like how one takes himself to a slaughter house, at this time I had left my car at Mahesh garage being serviced and I decided to take one for the whispers.

Mother: where were you going my son?

Kamaru: I was going to Nyeri to get my boss from the work place

Kamaru: In about half hour we were like people who had known each other for ten years, she was telling me stories and I would just agree like a hypnotized person, but don’t take me wrongly because men with girls is like a Masaai with a herd of cows,

Kamaru: So, I decided to rush to Mahesh garage to take the car “(Excuse me) hic” so that I can park it nearby. I was shown love like I have never seen, Mum. When the lights were put on I was surprised and remembered when I was getting my boss from job so I told her I am leaving and she gives me a date we would rather see each other another day.

Kamaru: She got up and embraced me and she told me that I must know her place, am telling you the wrong route gets dew on a sunny day

Mother: you young men are excited by flowers that wither.

Kamaru: When I got to her place I was taken care very well ate and drank mum, lies are bad I even didn’t know how things went

Mother: Seems you looked like Juha Kalulu, really my son you looked like a hypotinized person

Kamaru: Without doubt I keep on thinking to this day that if she wasn’t a witch, she must have been sent by the devil to come destroy me.

Kamaru: When the beer settled and I began sobering up I became like a person being released from a spell, I quickly took my clothes and rushed and started the car

Kamaru: At Sagana he vehicle lost control and hit a post like sheep, I was rescued by passerby’s who took me to police and hospital while I was unconscious

Taste na kungurus? Its as if nutting ain’t the goal here…

Siuweke findeo tu.

Reta number washa pang’ang’a

Ungelala Thika uamkie Muranga.

thika ina sifa mbaya hasa usiku, talkers were discussing here the other day how guys get arrested as early as 8pm for loitering. huyu hata murang’a hangefika, nauli ingeishia kwa hongo ama faini kortini

Any classy bar, you will get the independent working class County employee. Has worked for me in every County with exception of North Eastern.

Wasichana wa Murang’a, unlike other shinys, wanakuwanga wazuri sana na wako na shape. Roho safi na si greedy. Shida tuu ni kwamba wengi wanakuwanga na beliefs za upuss.

Hio tao ni shithole utaumia sana anyway kuna kmtc na university hapo so goodluck.

You are correct. Acha niende nyeri… ni gutee

Sasa kunguru hulipwa pesa ngapi? Huyu anasema ati 2500,. Nimemwambia aende akikaukanga

Nyeri poa. Enda club inaitwa 7s

Wewe ndiye umesaidia

It never is.

But ur small mind can’t even comprehend it’s more complex than that