Muranga governor shuts down 65% of bars in Muranga

Hii kagege ya barua anafikiria tutakunywa wapi? What about the thousands of jobs lost? I have switched to brewing muratina.

“Shock and disbelief as Governor Kang’ata slashes Murang’a bars by 65 per cent | Nation”

People won’t stop drinking. It would have been smarter to just add taxes to bars and wines and spirits shops because drunkards will drink anyway.

That’s fine , keep up Dagitari

Watu wanasahau, KBL ni nusu ya sirikali? This is how people lose jobs and blame Satan kumbe ni akili imejaa scratch

Is there a nexus between clossing bars and peopls stopping to drink? Me thinks not. Even US had the prohobition era, which just made criminals rich by smuggling of booze, akina Al-capone. The prohibition era illegal shebeens were called Speak-easies,

Sasa alternative amecreate gani ama ni fake news to impress D.O