Just noticed a bunch of motoring groups will be doing their final end of year runs. This one caught my eye hizo twisties za Muranga i want to go give my Impreza a go. I am told its a Mitsubishi Run, but they dont mind other car owners joining on the fun. [ATTACH=full]143133[/ATTACH]

Kama ni 1.5L non-turbo acha tu.

Booooring! If it was a bicycle run…it would be something else. Heri muende namanga!

My Impreza is a 1.5L N/A KAT with very black Tint


Hehehe…Utajua haujui.

Chunga sana hizo makona za huko, I hope uko na anti roll bars!!

Cheza chini broke fool

Utasumbua kijiji sababu ulinunua Imprezza ya 1.5L N/A KAT with very black Tint :D:D:D


VERY BLACK TINT…hio tint na maku ya sistako zinaendana

:D:Dacha need

:D:D:D:DYou’re the worst

Okay sawa mzito nimeskia

Sob sob why am i being insulted now

Black tint is equivalent to +5bhp

Si kama…

It is a 1.5L NA with a loud exhaust.

Mattercore ya umbwer

Unless you try Sweep car for the run but due to the massive underpowering you have to start 2 hours earlier which beats the logic.In short drive there a day before the event and park at a strategic point because with such a car all you can do is sit and watch.Thank me later.