Mundari tribe South Sudan (2020)

We all live in the same world but not in the same age…

Huwezi ona Wakandan @BBIsiMuhimu kwa thread kama hii.

Beautiful people, it’s surprising to see how both their men and women, especially those in their mid teens all the way to late 20’s, have upright structures, flawless skins, athlete bodies, perfect teeth line… it’s just spectacular.
Jungus, even before this modern days couldn’t produce such human beings. Maybe enzi za kale.

Those archaeologists who have been looking for the missing link for ages should come here.

You’ll be surprised to find Mundari culture well documented in the Smithsonian library, dated 1890.

They are living in perfect harmony with nature.

Would love to spend some time with them. Real people unlike the fake ktalkers with fake threshold stories

These people must be raising a stink for miles around