"Mum, huyo sasa ndio atakuwa Babaa?"....Wanaume Please take care of your kids

To days ago I was in Naivas picking a few things here and there. A lady was also picking things along the same aisle with me, speaking on phone. She was flanked by a small girl, I guess about 5 years. Her phone conversation didn’t attract me until she said “Hata ako hapa please wacha nimpee umsalimie” and then handed the phone to the girl. After exchanging pleasantries with the little one, she disconnected and gave back the phone to the mother, adding this question “Mum huyo ndio mwenye ulisema atakuwa Babaa?” The mother answered in the affirmative, a bit embarrassed as she followed with another question “mwenye picha yake iko kwa simu?”

I felt for the young gal, as her mother must be working hard towards giving her a father figure because maybe a talker here who is the true father was last seen entering Embobut in haste. I also told you about my encounter where I almost became a step father of three.

Please men, take care of your kids and be present in their lives so that their mothers don’t go around shopping for fathers for your children.

:Dembubut needs occupants

Hebu angusha hekaya ya how you almost became a step father of three. I want to understand which demon had possessed you I cast it out

A step father of three


I almost belived but the username is known gor such stories


Wacha misitu ijae elders.

Ukiona ndume ikitupa mwananke na mtoi jua kuna chenye aliona.

Juzi I travelled to shags nikapata one of my cousins alijishikia a single mother of 5 na saa hio ninja huwa inaslave Nairobi odd jobs. I just laughed

Elder hii ni ujinga umetuandikia hapa.
We need to respect life and the sanctity of marriage. Wanaume let’s stop behaving like bitches bana.
There’s very little room for a situation where a woman has a sudden change in behavior.

We are having an explosion of this ‘YOLO’ pandemic where people just do stuff without foresight and then move to blame the other party in the name of self preservation.
If you are after preserving yourself, don’t give out your seed. Having a child means giving up a large portion of yourself and going by the numbers of single parents in Kenya, many really shouldn’t be risking it.
This applies to both men and women.

Ni nini iyo exactly ameona ndo atupe mwanamke na mtoto? If you make your bed you will lay on it, unless the bibi has cheated on you and outright threatened to end your life, then other reasons are flimsy. Ig we uphold your mentality, then people will easily abandon their wives for very silly reasons.

Hekaya za jaba

Kuingia karura sio shida, tuingie lakini tulee watoto

Bana I felt for that kid, like she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I sensed there was probably another ‘dad’ whose tenure did not last long, and now she was being introduced to a new one. Some of these women are good people but they fell on bad hands. A woman like that is getting into marriage or relationship for want of giving the child a father figure. You can’t imagine that her father is somewhere bragging about how they adandoned their seed and dashed into Karura.

My friend pana hurumia sIngo machieth…

Ulikamua mkia?

It’s sad, but sympathy isikuingie hadi you want to take the burden. Single mothers are not looking for love, they’re looking for help. She will dispose you as soon as someone with more resources shows interest. She’ll cut the nice girl who gives you lots of sex act akikuzalia mtoto wako. Not to mention if you were a struggling parent of 3 ata hangekupea 5 bob so you’re not obliged to take care of her and her offspring.

Sasa kama baba alinyuria ama alichizi?

Kuna wababa toxic bwana heri mathe ajitoe mapema.

You missed the point. This post was about the kid, not the mother.

Point missed. Toka kwa mama and look at the innocent kid who may be insecure and will be bullied by other kids telling her vile “nyinyi hamna Daddy kama sisi”…

Was talking about the stepdad part