Multihandlers in ktalk

So far i have confirmed hawa, feel free to add yours
@Ndindu = @Homo erectus
@PHARMACY = @captain obvious
@Weyn = @Nipe Nikusifu
@Josto Bwaku = @Demakuvu
@sludgist = @Sokwe mtu
@Tauren = @Uzo

@captain obvious is a man of two extremes. On one hand he appears measured and quasi intelligent, but on the other, he becomes @PHARMACY. A very dangerous person that one

I think @Tom Bayeye is also his other handle

very wrong

@PHARMACY == @count dracula
@Kodiaga == @miritiandes


Tombwaaa ghaseeer hii :smiley:

hapana Bayeye ni baba mwenye watoto na ako na akili.

@chap = @MajorProphet

Why is this important…wakibadilisha nguo…sura na tabia twazijua :D…changing handles is a fools errand…anonymity may be important…yet it doesnt really exist…but changing handle kwa Kijiji ni kujienjoy…hutabadilisha profile ya akili…any intelligent sleuth…can profile you back to your many handles…tho ni guess work if done by rookies

@Silverback83 = @Mzee Mashavu

Am the only elder here with single handle. Sina time na energy ya kuwa na different handles

@PHARMACY = @Obaba = @Starscream = @Jimit

1 and 2 are way off. The rest are 100% correct.

Tax kwa nyap na lanye

Every time we are accused of multiple handles yet the main culprit @LIEN @ekamsweu Is left behind we feel annoyed

You are underestimating captain meffi multihandling ingenuity

Actually I have two handles. When I stumbled Ktalk I created an account with my official name. Zote mbili bana. But I don’t use the other, too much work involved

:D:D:D ulikuwa dwanzi nini…

Sikujua ni anonymous platform bana. But after kuona banter hapa, nikashika rada :D:D

@Kodiaga is another multi handler. @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! Ofcourse another multi handler