multi lnb setup

This multi lnb setup has been crudely done with binding wire but it works, the guy is connected to three sats,
arabsat5c@20e (thats the big lnb in the center position)
Astra 2f@28e



Sasa decorder ni moja? inashika stations kama ngapi?

decoder moja can receive 10000 channels from 16 satellites

sasa hapo ni almost 30000 channels o.O

Hehehehehehe wewe naona nikaa utapewa Mambo ya Fta na drip
those three lnbs are connected to one decoder which can receive more channels if he adds more lnbs

haha i think am tipsy kiasi… oooh nimekuelewa sasa boss :smiley:


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I wanna attempt something close to this sometime next week. Nataka nijaribu 7E, 7W, 17E, 5E na 1W all on one dish. I have a 240cm lying idle somewhere and it’s about time it was put to good use.

alafu uweke mbisha hapa ma ma screenshots ya hizo channels

Will do. Just thinking about it has me excited. Nikimaliza hii successfully I’ll make an attempt at Badr 4/5/6.

its good to have you here utanisaidia na drip zakupa wale Watu hawashikanishi hii maneno vile ata maombi imekataa

at ya location I think you will nail badr

hahaha @Meria Mata hah unanitoanisha mzae :smiley:

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Hopefully. I’d like to combine it with Yahsat on another 240cm pf dish. Siyui kama nitawesmek but I’ll try.

that’s the ASAS spirit

@Meria Mata, Can I get Astra 2f@28e in Nairobi with a 1.8 prime focus dish

@Meria Mata nachambua notes zako &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk

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wa wa wa, hio link umetoa wapi, i thought klost sunk with all info,
well that was in 2013 and new more powerfull sats have come up, all you need at the moment is one 180 cm dish and three lnbs connected to amos@17e, eutelsat7@7e and yamal@54e

from klost
Fta Declassified Listing #147369 by ›› meria mata on 30-Dec-2013 1:34 pm . 3,897 views . 75 comments . 3 emails . 392 prints . 68 favorites . Flag This Listing
…Step by Step Guide on all the satellites availiable in Kenya and the fta channels availiable.
As you have read from the notes forwaded by Luther, you know the communication satelites are over the equator stationed from east to west. lets start from the east.
To recieve this channels you will need a satellite dish and a decoder. the bigger the better.
The best decoder in the market is strong 4922.
KU is for small dish preferably 120cm and CBAND is for big dish 180 cm and above.

  1. [email protected] ku
    on this satellite you will recieve IRIB channels from pakistan. This channels have all the football matches, all football games are are here but the commentary is in arabic and you need to input biss keys which the above decoder can handle comfortably. As long as it is free the language dont matter, Messi is messi and goal is still goal in arabic.
  2. Intelsat [email protected] ku
    This satellite will give you over 100 channels. Most of the channels are religious based but but there are also a number of good movie channels na pia watu wa afro cinema mnasaidika hapa kwa channel zinjiita Africa unite na CTL.
  3. Intelsat 906@64e cband
    this satellite will give you all the tanzanian channels including eatv.
  4. Intelsat 902@62e cband
    here you will get Ntv, Qtv and citizen.
  5. Nss 12@57e ku
    All the kenyan channels apart from citizen are availiable on this sat including a host of radio channels.
  6. Yahsat @52.5e ku
    Most of the channels on this sat are in HD. We have two premium channels here namely Dubai one and Fox movies. there is also dubai sport for all your bundersliga live.
  7. AzerSpace 1 / Africasat-1A @ 46° E cband
    on this sat you get national geographic.
  8. Eutelsat 36@36e
    this is the dstv sat. most of the channels are scrambled lakini kuna CCTV ziko free. CCTV news is very good.
  9. Arabsat 5C at 20.0°E cband
    our good old IRIB football channels are also found here. Google for the biss key.
  10. Amos 5 at 17.0°E ku and cband.
    Amos will give you over 50 channels including optima sports which shows one epl game over the weekends.
  11. Eutelsat 10A at 10.0°E cband
    this is another sat where you get the kenyan local channels.
  12. Eutelsat 7A at 7.0°E ku.
    hapa dio mambo yote. with the above decorder loaded with the latest software you can watch over 100 premium channels on ths sat including discovery and discovery science, the kids are also cattered for as cartoons are also availiable.
  13. SES5@5e ku. zuku satellite, same as 36e above, allmost all channels scrambled nazile ziko free are not worth talking about.
  14. Nilesat201 and eutelsat7@ 7w
    this is your home for entertainment, out of the over 1000 channels on this sats only about 60 are in english and they are worth it. From the major news stations (cnn, bbc, france news, euro news etc) to movies and series. .
    open the links given there and see the channels for yourself. All that content is free to air.
    A good installer will nab multiple satellites on one dish and hence you will get more channels.
    our motto remains SO MUCH MORE FOR FREE.