Muhindi anapeana ATM card na PIN polepole

These women can be the best criminal interrogators. At this position you will recite all your sins and give out all your bank details.[ATTACH=full]276512[/ATTACH]

Okay whatever you say

Why would I do that? What’s so special about that position? You ever been between the thighs of a yellow momo and she moaning like shiet? That’s when you can confess your sins

Massage ya kinyozi ndio unasema inaweza fanya useme kila kitu? Smh, maybe if I was 12 lakini si nikiwa na ndevu na hii body count niko nayo saa hii.

does not look hindi, more of Arabic origin than hindi. i have seen enough of their skin tones to tell the two races from a distance

Actually there is no known position that can make anyone say anything. Sema tu unaezalala na iyo position