Muguka and Homa! Hata ukuwe na homa mbaya aje, Ukichana everything Clears!

To the doctors in the house, I’m a willing Test subject!

I’ve had the worst day leo with a very bad homa. Before, everytime nikiwa na homa and nachana somehowithas always gone away.

Today I did the same, started kushikisha 2 hours ago with both my nose blocked and breathing from the mouth! Right now, both my nostrils are as clear as they have ever been! Any explanation for that?

Are you trying to insinuate that Covid19 fears dictators who chew muguka?

Come to think of it, it could have the same effect on Covid! I need Funding for this research! Mabwenyenye wako?

Jaba iko na magnesium which is the main compound that dries mucus

sasa ongeza bluemoon kama ile chokoraa cortedivoire

@Dictator Apa I agree na wewe 101%. Mbachu humalisa homa instantly

Wacha kuwa @Dictator na utapona

Jaba has pseudoephedrine, the same substance in Flugone and many anti-flu medicine. But I don’t think it’s a good substitute.