Mugabe disses South Africans

Here is what Mugabe had to say after the Xenophobic attacks killed 1 Zimbabwe national and displaced 800.

“South Africans will kick down a statue of a dead white man but won’t even attempt to slap a live one. Yet they can stone to death a black man simply because he’s a foreigner”- President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe



Hapa sasa mugabe ameongea kama watu kumi…i support him on this one.


President Mugabe always knows what to say. No wonder the wazungu hate him so much

Mugabe isnt a crazy president as the western media and politicians portray him. He is a true champion of african independence. He would rather risk everything, but he must protect black people.


Those are words straight out of a living " Mhengas" mouth! Cant argue with that!!!

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Kumbe that old guy huongea sense some times…


Imagine that is you carrying your child in your arms fleeing, fearing for your life while in a foreign land, while people you thought were neighbors chase you away…having committed no crime.

this pic made me so angry, I can imagine how the father feels helpless, in the face of all those thugs and the wife and kids in tow, that is why you need to acquire a weapon (gun) in any way possible to protect your family and bloodline. Lectures on legality of the measure wont protect the family

Politicians and major hands at play here and the poor and destitute being played against each other in a typical African game of Chess.
Time is now ripe for the poor majority Africans to wake up and stop being used against their fellow poor Africans by their own politicians who are out to benefit only themselves.
These are the direct results of a colonial power vaccum that has to be filled in the minds of lower class Africans for at least two generations until the impoverished African wakes up to the fact that they are in control of their own free will and destiy,free from the “powers from above”

Mugabe must be reading Plato’s lectures or Rene Descartes works. Kaphilosopher.


Zimbabweans are highly educated compared to south afrikans, thus, they are more competitive in the doing business and in job market which frustrates locals. A similar situation to this one happened recently in s. sudan. South africa economy will be hurt with departure of these foreigners and it may never recover. This country was developed by the white man and these niggas are going to destroy it.

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He almost always does.

What an embarassment to the black man. White people will be saying, “They are truly monkeys. We gave them a done job and they fucked up everything”. Doesnt matter whether its true or not. White people will have a living example. They already almost have it now. Lakini dont forget we had our own misdirection of anger in 2007/2008. Poor people never understand that the problem is always the elite business people and the political class, and they go about chasing after their own kind and brethren in suffering. All this time, politicians and other elite class are happy that people cant see where the problem is really coming from.

South Africa will have a major implosion in the next ten years and this time wealthy blacks and whites will have nowhere to escape. Zuma and the ANC are a disappointment.

At this rate, ten years might be too optimistic, sadly.:frowning:


shida n nn apo s africa