Mugabe Detained - finally.

Phew! Away with uncle Bob.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been detained by the country’s military, his ruling party Zanu-PF says.

Several members of his Cabinet, who have since been branded “crooks” and “criminals”, have been arrested in what the military terms a “a bloodless transition”.

Man, things went South pretty quick in Zim.

Niice…Museveni should be the next in line,

Uncle M7 Get ready.

Very commendable no need for bloodshed

It’s not over till its over.
Don’t be surprised if Mugabe remains in power for many more years.

RAT must be getting wild ideas wherever he is.

I actually think this should happen in the .KE

They have no problem with Cde Mugabe but criminals around him. Mugabe should sacrifice the slay queen ampeane kwa the real comrades. That former VP Mnangagwa is a smooth operator amecheza bad card noma and now he is going to be the prezzy. Slayqueen doesnt know what hit her.

Mugabe should call his agemate Moi apewe advice

Which military unit will support him when he accused them of stealing his votes?

Grace is a psycho. She has temper tantrums like none other, and power got to her head mpaka she would disrespect Mugabe.

She’ll either have to flee to exile or she will be done in. Mugabe on the other hand will die a natural death and be given a State Funeral that will be attended by half of Africa.

Quite a sad political end to such a hero.

that was so easy!but rather a bad precedent in our fragile Africa

On what grounds???

You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain…hint hint at @FieldMarshal CouchP

He failed to heed Moi’s advice, it is a common street philosophy “Quit while your game is still high”

she failed to cosy up to the power behind the throne… the military. amejua hajui. Mugabe did not get this far by being stupid, reckless and burning domestic bridges


Someone not-so-smart tried it in 82 and failed miserably…

replace Gucci Grace with MkSM in ur life… .