Mudavadi Spokesperson Kabetsi Lays It On Hustler In Readiness For 2022....

A day after DP Ruto fired a tirade in Bungoma County, during the burial of the father of Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga, Mr Mudavadi’s spokesman Kibisu Kabatesi fired back at DP Roto.


This is corroborated by the DP’s bluster about the huge following he enjoys in Parliament and the “many” harambees he has held in Western region in support of various groups.

“At least 150 MPs support me. Those supporting Mudavadi are 10 while those for Wetang’ula are 12 in number, so how will such people compete with me?
How will they defeat me? They should be serious,” DP Ruto said during the burial.
“They should be the ones looking for me and they should not delay because time is not on their side. I will not wait for them for too long.
They have not held any harambee to support boda-boda and women’s groups, and build churches and schools. How will they compete with me?
Don’t they have a difficult task?”

However, Mr Kabatesi said that it is hubris that breeds the arrogance that "blinds” Ruto into going to the backyard of Western leaders and issuing an ultimatum.

“Hubris is a disease politicians avoid but Ruto covets it and is infatuated by it. It is hubris that drives him to undermine his own government and oppose his boss, the President,” Mr Kabatesi said on Monday in a strongly-worded statement.
“Ruto is showing all the signs that give meaning to the adage that ‘pride comes before a fall,'” he said.
Mr Kabatesi reiterated that at no time have the two leaders lacked political partners to work with, a deficit that would force them to seek the company of a “person whose character is wanting”.

He said that the two leaders welcome political partnerships underpinned by integrity, in reference to scandals that have been linked to the DP.
The Deputy President has denied the allegations and has never been convicted of corruption.

Mr Mudavadi’s spokesman further said that the DP’s “politics of deceit and splashing tokens from suspect proceeds” insults the people’s collective intelligence.

“A further insult is piled on Kenyans when history is turned upside down; a master passes himself as a slave.”

The DP was also told that arrogance and chest-thumping have never won anyone’s support, “least of all a politician shunned and viewed with scorn”.

He was told that if he is sure of support from Western, it makes little sense for him to seek a forced marriage with ANC and Ford-Kenya leaders.

“His bravado hides a worried and panicking man. It is utterly disgusting that Ruto revels in buying the support of poor, desperate Kenyans, using proceeds whose sources remain suspect.”


Mr Kabatesi also accused Dr Ruto of personalizing government projects “like he did in Matungu”.

This is proof of a “person who will clutch at any straw to survive the political onslaught he faces", he said, adding that it exposes treatment of public property as private.

He told the DP that before reaching out to the two Western leaders, he should first face his “demons” in the Jubilee Party, and face the truth that he is part of the mess the administration has inflicted on Kenyans.

“He cannot wriggle out [of this position] by pretending to be impoverished Kenyans’ Robin Hood. He cannot demand a partnership while his house is burning.”


One can tell that 2021 will prove to be a tougher year for the DP and here’s why.

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

The BBI will define 2021, and Uhuru, Raila and Ruto will be at the centre of it all. With Ruto outnumbered, it will probably degenarate into a relegation fight as 2022 nears. It will no doubt be tough for Ruto who Odinga, has labelled a hypocrite following his BBI stand, and instead urged the DP to openly express his opposition.

Ruto and his allies have been pushing for a consensus, demanding a multiple-choice referendum and changes to the document. The DP wanted the proposal to have the President appoint an Ombudsman amended, the number of MPs proposed reduced and the proposal to have political parties appoint representatives to the Independent Boundaries Commission (IEBC) removed.

Kenyatta took control of the project and stated that it would shape the future of Kenya. However, the Head of State and Odinga are worried about Ruto’s influence and his rejection of the BBI.

It would also clearly indicate that Ruto is against Kenyatta and ready to face him head-on. His support for the bill will be majorly based on whether his proposals would be considered.

"The BBI is operating without a legal framework. Yes, I participated in nominating the BBI task force, but we had no plans for changing the constitution. The President has never told anybody that I have absconded duty neither have I complained that I have a problem with him,” Ruto played cagey during an interview on Citizen TV on Thursday, December 3.

ICC Case


They say that where there is smoke there is definitely some fire. This is one saying that came to mind when International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda hinted at reopening cases against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua arap Sang.

On Thursday, December 3, she clarified that the cases were vacated and not thrown out of court.

Sang and Ruto’s cases were vacated in April 2016, after the duo applied for their acquittal citing lack of enough evidence. Bensouda said that the court is ready to receive any fresh information that would incriminate the duo. She called on the government or any individual privy to the case to provide substantial information.
Lawyer Paul Gicheru who represented Ruto at ICC also surrendered himself and was accused of blackmailing and intimidating witnesses in the DP’s case.

In an interview with former NTV anchor Ken Mijungu on Thursday, January 23, Ruto disclosed that he was aware of a plot to revive the ICC case against him. Reopening the case would dent Ruto’s hopes of ascending to the Presidency.

I have watched that clip 4 times, just enjoying the punches he delivered to the Western pretenders

Leta vindio, pwana…

I watched it too and honestly i dont respect the likes of wetanguala and mudavadi as politicians but Ruto didnt do himself any favours in western either. He attacked the likes of oparanya na mauchungu which is a big mistake. These guys might not have a lot of national influence but big luhyia clans still revere them…you dont dress them down in their own backyard in that angry and vitriolic tone. The punch is usually more effective when he uses humour Rao style…hii ya makasiriko won’t get him votes from the old and the conservatives who will feel an attack on their sons is an attack on them as a community.
Alafu pia hii response ya musalia is full of makasiriko. And more will come in upcoming funerals to save face

Where did you spot the makasiriko? The guy was in his best humorous element, no wonder the people were cheering him up and laughing. He threw shades that were heavy but in a very sly humorous way. You maybe should listen to it again, unless you are beholden to Tina/Uhuru you will see what I mean.

Abusing leaders of a particular region is akin to abusing voters and residents of the same region. Ruto is working hard enough to lose the 4 million aggregate votes from western region due to his emotional instability. Him and his filthy minions actually did the the same to Kalonzo right in the middle of Masaku.

Your sense of humour is preposterous

But we have said much about the three musketeers. Bure kabisaa

Whos is cheering loudly in these meetings? Aren’t these his fellow hustlers feeling good because he is kinda embarassing the pretenders? These are the voters buana

Sorry,can nolonger argue with you.

Truth is, the 3 former nasa principals (excl Raila) are useless, they command no political clout kabisa.

Summary, can’t read that crap!! Not on Christmas,

Just found this;

That was the old narrative which the man is underating with every political move, he is no longer going through wazees who over the years have never let a single cent trickle to the society’s ‘pariahs’.

His narrative captures the hearts of the people who have fed on crumbs as the have’s dined on the fat, the man is a seasoned politician with serious silent backers who are flying against the establishment.