Mudavadi catching feelings

I am watching the interview between Hussein and Mudavadi and Mudavadi seems to be responding to questions emotionally and catching feelings… He seems he is taking it too far and not realizing it is just an interview

Afande endea traffic offenders wachana na muhesh

I felt like he is trying to come out as a tough person.

A snail, sloth or hippopotamus come into mind whenever I see Mudavadi.

Be nice Banaa.

Mbona husemagi hivyo jamaa zikinitukana…Lakini Musalia ni Hippo

Hii matusi imetuma ujulikane sana.

Fat Messi

So unasema mimi ni mtukananii!!! Mefffi am the victim here

Madvd is the essential puppet for any system. Has zero backbone, he is given orders and takes them. He did well for nyayo in the last years of goldenberg scandal and has been graving that “project” position since. Whenever the powers be need to rule behind the scenes they see madvd as the best candidate. Picked from school to be cabinet minister, picked to occupy minister of finance position after IMF/world bank wanted late saitoti out, picked to be VP for two months in 2002 under project Uhuru. Picked by RAT from retirement in 2007 to consolidate western, picked by mt.Kenya mafia in 2013 to derail President Uhuru and jubilee. Picked by atwoli to implement project nasa in 2017 as a compromise candidate only that you know RAT must ran. Now he hopes again to be another project in 2022. That’s why he is struggling to be relevant and speak everyday so that he can be adapted into another scheme.

I know he will support Ruto in 2022.

Should he chose to fine, but he will not be sort out.

Kiswahili cha wapi hichi

Mtukunani = Mtukanaji

We kwenda coastiii si tunajibaba na ya bala

I liked Mudavadi’s answers. Dude is finally growing a pair. Handheld the debate much better than how Ruto does. His media team has also been ensuring he is on media every other day. I agree with him that correctly he is the face of opposition

Tunajibaba = tunajibamba
Bala = Bara

Free education.
Jubilee five big agenda

And cant get a boner, what a sad life; Hippo, no backbone and can’t get a boner, wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Sad, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Lakini in politics he is busy trying to prostitute himself to the sponsors. He is doing his catwalk to see if gideon or RAT or kitaeleweka will pick him and claim to be a “compromise” candidate.

I’d rather have Raila as president but not that spineless man.


Hi rusungu yote just to discredit a nonentity does not wash, the guy must be a threat to warrant this much scrutiny. The idea that a president needs to be an independent is equally bullshit, if you don’t identify with the thinking of the electorate, how do you expect to be elected by the same people?