There was a listing by Wakanyama about being a landlord in Nairobi without ever owning land. There too was another listing at Klist by Mucatha saying that if you ever get a windfall,go to Kinangop,naivasha etc or wherever flower farms are located buy cheap plots and build tens of mabati rental rooms. I’m coming to appreciate these two niggas simple way of thinking about getting a high return on Investment on simple investments coz enyewe the owners of places like Taj Mall how do they feel? Ama these five stories kwa estate za 20M built by men over 50. I bet the owners die even before recouping the cash. I think the secret to we guys under 40 is to think of simple ideas that can give good returns.

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Like? More examples please…

An estate Lodging. Simple. Bed only. I know one with 20rooms. Gets 300k minimum wakati landlord wa 20m house abt 210k.


I would not run a lodging myself…but i know of a building which has a bar and rooms(Guest house ) not sure how much the room costs but pple go in for an hr or so.
The owner is able to pay 4,000 a day for rent ,coming to around 120 ,000 per month.

That means he makes a lot…its near a market place so there a lot of pple around.

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Specific market. Say you the market is p*ssy?

Market I mean Soko ,kama gikomba market

Onion farming. Kes 45/Kg; 3 tonnes an acre. Do the math

Buy a salvage Prado rent it out to the Chinese for 200K a month… Your expenses, major service only. Import wine from S.A expect 500% profit. Get hookups with KDF guys in Somalia… Sell AMISOM stuff at throw away prices expect 700-1000% percent profit.

Chunga venye unataja wadhii wewe lesbo.

Grow up wewe…if you dnt get what is said…kindly ask

Where do you get these Chinese guys, for rentals

thats actually isn’t a simple idea. i think the guy meant something u can start off with like 50 -100k…