Muammar "Trill" Gaddafi

Yep, Trill would have been a befitting stage name had he chosen to become a rapper. Coz he kept it both true and real. Of course if your primary source of news is CNN/BBC, you might recognize him as “the Libyan strongman/madman”. Anyway, I came across this video of Gaddafi giving a speech at a summit in Syria, in 2008. It was one of those useless Arab summits where the only thing they seem to agree on is that they don’t hate each other enough.

From that speech, assuming the English subtitles are accurate, it’s clear to see there was more to this man than what western media presented to the world. This “madman” seemed to have a very firm grasp of both history and current affairs. You can hate him all you want, but you will respect him.
In that video he questions why Arabs are so divided, why they conspire against each other, and why they’re more comfortable working with “enemies” rather than “brothers”. In short, Trill here seems to be saying, " You know what? Some of us here are dicks. Iranians are cunts. Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis and the entire GCC and their puppets are assholes. But at the end of the day brothers, dicks need cunts. And no matter how disgusting assholes are, nobody can survive without one."
On Saddam Hussein’s execution, he reminds them that at some point Saddam was America’s friend. Afterwards he tells them ominously. “Anyone of you might be next…one of these days, America may hang us.”

On Arab (dis) unity:

We are the enemies of one another, I’m sad to say. We all hate one another, we deceive one another. We gloat at the misfortune of one another. and we conspire against one another. Our intelligence agencies conspire against one another, instead of defending us against the enemy. We are the enemies of one another, and an Arab’s enemy is another Arab’s friend.,

Friends, does this sound like a lunatic to you? Everything he said turned out to be true. Years later he was hunted down and executed. Assad is being hunted as I type this. Who’s next? Mugabe? Evo Morales? Nicolas Maduro? Even the ones who consider themselves America’s friends are not safe. Saddam showed us how easy it is for one to turn from america’s friend to foe.The only reason Russia’s and China’s presidents haven’t faced the same fate is because their armies are not the kind you casually fuck with.

The next time you want to join the ‘Mugabe/Castro/Assad are dictators/tyrants/murderers’ chorus, stop and ask yourself: why are they being branded all those not-so-nice titles? Are they really monsters? Do they know something we don’t? Were they once friends with their current enemies? If so, what happened?

The truth is out there people.



wat a leader !! just goes to show that colonialism did not end …it just went mental !!!

Tru dat, colonialism is still alive, just went digital. Welcome to the village @kingkenny.

Let those waarabu focus on hating each other.if they were to unite and focus their hatred on kaffirs we would have more problems with fanaticism than we have now…
Gaddafi talked the talk and walked the walk but at some point i think he became delusional after his people started crying for “democracy”…a wise man would have stepped aside and let them have it, so should mugabe

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Wat did that democracy give them libyans?it actually destroyed their well being.Democracy is not panacea it has not worked in Africa and it has not solved any of our problems or improved on our well being esp and more so in Libya…They the libyans truly miss the good old days of Gaddafi when they were given the fruits of their country’s riches …now they are enriching all the gun runners and armaments industries of the West


And Remember not all Arabs are muslims .!!!

The Westerners paint a bad image of great world leaders.Picture this:-
[li]Bob Mugambe-Listen to his ideologies and realise how the whites have exploited the blacks.[/li][li]Gaddafi-Like listening to his speeches in the UN and championing for USA(United States of Africa)[/li][li]Sadam Hussein-Listen to his last speech in Court and see the genuineness in him.[/li][/ul]


What Democy did Libyans enjoy so that we could asses it’s merit in the first place? A revolution =/= Democracy.

Kyuk, shut up man, or Obama will bring democracy to us. On B52s and stealthfighters.

As for Libya, nature has a way of balancing things in a weird way. The same Europe that killed Gaddafi is having to deal with 200,000 immigrants in six months, most of whom have passed through you know where. Among the immigrants are ISIS sleeper cells, so soon, very soon, you will see some fireworks in Rome and Paris.

As for the US and Saddam, good old America will be paying that debt for decades, one way or another. Just ask the five marines who died on US soil just the other day…



What democracy. Democracy by twitter an american company? Now Americans and the likes are quiet because Libyans have “democracy”. And who said democracy is divine.

Though I agree that waarabu should just focus on hating each other and not bring their bigotry here. Theirs seems genetic.

I remember watching that video last year and that guy was talking pure truth…what disturved me most was seeing Bashar al asaad laughing to colonel’s speech and now an sure he aint


Some of what you say is true, except we don’t know for sure whether those Libyans who were crying for democracy were genuine or mercenaries. A while back, Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, was quoted saying America had “invested $5 billion in Ukraine’s democracy”. You know what that means. Activists and troublemakers had been paid to demand for democracy. At the Maidan where the Ukrainian pro democracy protesters were based, some of the so called peaceful protesters were armed. They would fire at police, but when the police fired back they would rush to reporters shouting about how they were being massacred.
So who decides whether a country should have 'democracy"? When the Arab spring arrived in Bahrain, the kingdom, with Saudi help, totally crushed it. Not a word from our American friends. So why the double standards? Libyans should be helped when they demand for democracy but Bahrainis shouldn’t? That just goes to show it’s never been about democracy. The UN resolution establishing a no fly zone over Libya was used as an excuse to totally destroy Libyan infrastructure and hunt down Gaddafi. That’s not how no fly zones should be implemented.
Finally, let’s talk about democracy. If Arabs are naturally violent, wouldn’t it be better for them to be ruled by a benevolent dictator like Gaddafi? Why should Libyans be granted democracy over Bahrainis? How about Saudis, shouldn’t they also taste the sweetness of democracy? Should Britain do away with the monarchy? Who elects the Queen? How about British prime ministers, do they have term limits? Why would the west support Islamist rebels in Syria over Assad, whose administration happens to be secular in nature? After all the atrocities we’ve seen ISIS commit, why would anyone support such radicals? You can bet they won’t bring democracy to Syria, so why??


Saddam’s speech was on point like a mother. He exposed their double standards. More Iraqis have died since the country’s so called liberation than Saddam ever killed. When he was gassing Iranians and Kurds, the Americans were well aware and were supplying him with arms. It was only after he fell out of favour that they suddenly remembered all those crimes he’d committed.

Hehe I think Assad’s laughter was one of those wry ones, like “Finally, someone’s laying down the truth. Preach brother Gaddafi, try and make these kids understand the kind of crap you and I have to deal with everyday.”

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Hio democracy ya lazima naiogopa sana…


There is nothing like democracy. Its an idea sold to keep people confused lest they unite and create a formidable power. For any system to function correctly there must be absolute authority. Take kenya for example, in a clamour for democracy we made a big mistake and passed a flawed constitution. . .its evident everyone can see. American PR sings democracy during the day but its common knowledge that the president is a puppet for shadowy figures with greater personal interests. This worldwide crusade of democracy is what has left countries in ruins. . .Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukrain. . .


@kyuktothecore if nothing else, ilu for the reference to keepin’ it trill. D’you watch King Of The Hill by any chance?


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never ever trust a white man…i hope our president is listening…n wise too

what is ur definition of democracy? only elections ? if the majority liked the status quo dont their voices matter?Is democracy the only means to a desired end?why do we keep spewing out or regurgitating the oft sung anthem of democracy?If democracy was that good why is it not a direct voting system in the Us ,UK and most so called democratic countries?

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Haha, nope never watched it…but it’s on my to do list now.