MTV unplugged Gentleman

For the music lovers watch that clip on you tube especially when he performs dem gone…
Then Dean fraser does a stint with his saxophone…Guys thats what I call music

watched it sometime back…ama si ile ameinvite kina shaggy kwa ‘stage’.?.it’s so good.

I watched dem gone a long time back. I think for a German reggae artist he has done quite well for himself. My favourite is this chune outta feelings riddim.

Ni hio kaka…

Ebu watch that MTV unplugged performance on youtube he sings most of his songs and the accompaniment is simply just awesome

Pia hii aliweza sana

Was screened on DW Tv a few weeks ago. Loved the performance.

I have a collection of Dean fraser’s works. Just his Sax alongside the bass and the Drum.Totally therapeutic.

Musical genius I tell you …add that to the way he did the city life riddim instrumental weeee! Therapy my brother

Alafu did you also notice the clarity of the video?

Alafu did you also notice the clarity of the video?

Yes. Nilitoka hapo nikaingia YouTube kuitafuta.

Btw he came to kenya during Taurus Riley’s show. Guy got talent. He also did a version of Gregory Isaacs song - love overdue really liked that one .