Mtumba Tyres

Kwa peasants who cant afford new tyres in their jalopies, how convenient are the used tyres? Kuna mmoja size 14 I bought at 1000 bob hiyo tyre was like brand new manze.

Hawa wakamba hutoa wapi these tyres considering the govt banned their importation. Indulge me.

PS: Meffi wewe with your cant relate posts, we know you are rich, so STFU peasants wadiscuss


Cun’t relate

If you use your car on daily basis, 3 months max, a minimum of one day

Me ata sina gari, kumbaffu!!

Just trying to figure out this business model and how reliable these tyres are

Ulipekeka wapi combi?

Inaekwanga thread na kakisu

The Kambas re-groove the tyres very expertly using knives and razors. Ukiona io tyre inakaa mpya but is only suitable for a Mkokoteni

Wueeeh. Is that not a death trap ?

Impressed with your memory. You must be an A+ student.

Waoshe vizuri hizo old tires then re-groove them, you’d think they are new. In reality, hizo ni death-traps na mwenye kuzinunua ni Suicidal.

Hizi tyres cant take you far. But they sell since unapata mtu amegonga pavement na kuburst tyre but doesnt have money for a new one mpaka endmonth. Atalipa hio 1k ndio gari iendelee

Kuna Mwa alinisort na set ya michelin mtumba but zilikuwa kama mbichi tenga na jero each.Hizo vitu nlikaa nazo kama 2/3 yrs bana bila ishu

Don’t buy stolen goods, they could be yours

Mingi ni za kuchongwa but zingine huwa zile owners hubadilisha immediately gari imeland kwa port. Especially the low profile ones.
Ukibahatika upate mtu akona such links atakuwa anakuambia akiget such tyres. 100% new for only 1k to 2k

Za kuchongwa huokolea sana btw. They can take you a long time bora usigonge mashimo.

Hizi tyres zime fura better buy brand new Chinese tyres

Haha I remember it coz you were very psyched about being able to carry all your work machines to events

They re-groove the tyres. Last year had a classmate who got an internship place they re groove tyres in Nakuru industrial area.

Avoid those tyres kabisa kabisa.Used to buy them at some place near kenyatta market for Ksh1500 bob them days.But they dont last more than 2 months.What the Kaos do is that they get used tyres and re groove the threads using a knife ama ravor.They do it so expertly that you wont be able to know.They then wash the tyre and apply that shiney/glossy stuff.I ditched them sikuizi i only do achilles tyres from auto express.My one series has had them since Dec 2018 na imepata puncture once tyre ya front right.

I saw this regrooving first hand on Saturday along Kangundo road. And i was shocked!! Wahhh!!

What they are doing must be illegal somehow. There is no way such tyres should be allowed in our roads. Wah ata kama ni kutafuta pesa, hii hapana