Mtawacha Pombe na Sigara

Rotich strikes hard with Sin tax. Kamare pia iongezewe taxes zifike 35%

Elaborate please inaongezewa kwa kiasi kipi?

Hatuwachi hata guks amekataa kuwacha white cup

No way people are going to change their habits overnight cause of a small price change.
Many people who jam drinking spots from Friday to Sunday are people with a disposable income.

The Black market will flourish.

Given that most of Kenyans already pay more than twice the recommended retail prices for these drinks in many of the establishments!

This is the time to start smuggling alcohol from across Uganda and sell at a high profit. Second generation alcohol will be on the rise too

Umewai ona punda amechoka? @Punda

people will start drinking more at "tulocals’ where alcohol is not overpriced

We still have been getting drunk ata wakiongeza.

Sigara siwachi i drink a packet every weekend

Na malaya