Mt Kenya to go for presidency in 2022

I support. A big river is joined by small rivers, not the other way round.

[SIZE=7]Mt Kenya to go for presidency in 2022 polls[/SIZE]
Saturday, June 12, 2021

By Kennedy Kimanthi

Regional Editor, Central and Northern Kenya

Nation Media Group

A section of Mt Kenya leaders, including seven governors and a Cabinet secretary, have proposed that the region fronts a presidential candidate in the 2022 General Election.
Citing its high number of voters, they stated that there is no political deal or agreement anywhere limiting the region to a presidential running mate next year or not fielding one at all, adding that they would stick together and speak in one voice.

They agreed that the region’s leaders should be free to compete against other candidates and that the next President should be elected on the basis of the agenda he will sell to Kenyans.

Kicks of dying horses.

It’s their constitutional right.

These ones r lost.
We don’t need a regional/tribal leader but national leaders r what we need

Tupatane kwa debe

Maturirikanaga githurano giakinya. Ta gatumia kau ka kirinyaga ona ndiue uria gacaguriruo

Mt Kenya president for what? We’ve had 3 and hakuna kitu kwa ground.

Devolution has made this nonsense moot. What we need is a working president.

The Mountain side I hail from does not really care for a Kyuk Presidency. So wacheni kudanganya watu. They are ‘great think tanks’ like Uhuru…dying to see someone else at the helm. Ahem.

Hii yako nayo no kiherehere tu. So you have Contacts for all the people on the ground that you use for FaceTime with them? Tutigithie ngoma

I don’t think I was talking to you or was I? mushene twarira nyukwa na mukaguo.

Mukamo uyu.

Any qualified Kenyan can run for president “irregardless” of his tribe, even kikuyus can run in 2022.


Tawa nyukwa.

Hehehehe wewe huwanga na jokes tuu sana. Sasa they are running and according to you they already have muthamaki in the bag? :smiley:


Kupimiwa mahewa sio mimi.

We don’t need another Kikuyu president for the next thirty years. The current one has done irreparable damage to the mountain

Hii kiburi yenu itaisha tu some day

mt kenya ilishaenda kwa ruto.