Mt Kenya Hike Via Kamweti Route Memories

Always take the scenic route they say…

Enjoy some amazing shots from our weekend Mt Kenya Hike via Kamweti Route

We began our hike by getting stuck right at the start.

My very first photo on my camera

The paths get dirtier but we move on

Moments before betri low alarms

Bushman’s Hut.
A white settler called Bushman once lived here and had a successful cattle farm here. Unfortunately, we were told that one day he vanished and he has never been found.

It cant be smooth 100 percent. If it is that’s not a Hike. It’s simply another walk.

The climax. A beautiful waterfall deep in the forest.

Next Trip is on 28th March 2020 to Aberdare National Park and you can read more details here

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Beautiful pics.Interested.But why is it that only admins are allowed to post anything in the whatsapp group?Cant make any enquiries bana.
Ama @uwesmake ndio admin huko?

So, where is the Mountain peaks or it was just a forest hike?

There I only give updates. For inquiries just click on my number. Whatsapp me directly. I turned off comments after I woke up to nudes and porn material from one user one morning. And also this helps protect users from unnecesary posts from other users who do not respect group rules.
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Noted sir,thanks.

This is a longer route. To get to the peak and down it requires 7 days (Descending via Chogoria Route). On Saturday we only managed 17Kms and the weather was bad no views of the peaks even from a distance

Here is the 7 days itinerary using this route

Keep in touch. Aberdare is on 28th, Ile weekend ingine

Sawa,will get in touch uniambie quotes.I saw some pics of a pal who went to hike in Aberdares.They went upto the site of that Filght 540 plane crash.The weather was quite bright and foggy.Ilikua inakaa tamu sana.

Nice pics…last year I used the Sirimon route up to Shipton’s camp, less scenic but most definitely the easiest route, the view of the peaks was also spectacular

Yes. Elephant Hill that one. We are planning Rurimeria Hike soon and its in that Area. Very good hike too

Yes. I have also done NaroMoru route up to the top. While its less scenic it is one of the best thing i have seen so far. While on top you look down the Chogoria direction and its superb. See photos here

Nice scenes