Msiwahi Chochwa na Fake Success Stories

I’m watching this senator Sakaja clip on Churchill about him saying that he bought a Benz and lived in a fancy apartment while he was a 4th year student in UON.
Ati alikuwa na biashara kwa ground kama saloon, kinyozi, laundry etc na hapo ndio alikuwa anatoa pesa ya ku-finance lifestyle yake na kujilipia school fees.

What he doesn’t tell you is that he was part of Kibaki’s campaign team in 2007 elections, and director of the Vijana na Kibaki lobby group; that’s where the real money came from.

Nakumbuka Jaguar akisema ati alifungua 10 kinyozi joints in Nairobi West, and the rest is history.
Huyu Jamal naye anasema ati alikula school fees, akananua matatu akaiweka route ya South C; and the rest is history.
Ata Mike Sonko alianza na matatu moja alafu akaiingia real estate.

It seems to be a common narrative nowadays that when most people make it, they give fake success stories about how they made it.
In fact, most birrionares in Nairobi will barely scratch the surface when you ask them how they made it.

If you’re a peasant, it’s easy to believe those stories especially because they’re all over social media.
But once you get into the underworld and see how people make money, you can call “bullshit” from a mile away.

Wote wezi na murderers. Meffi hao

Clean money is a myth msee. Ndivyo uomoke lazima watu waumie mahali. That’s capitalism 101. Jaguar has been successful for a while…in 2010/11 he had a BMW and a Harrier. Alikuwa anapenda kutesa sana Westy with silver number plates.

mimi salary yangu tu nime invest nikakuwa birionea .

You mean after shaking down loanees and threatening them with your army of auctioneers?? Ghasia

cheza chini na ukujie SME loan

Then you must know his brother called Nick… tulitesa hii Nairobi sana na huyo kijana around 2003. We made legit money and balled hard.
I remember a skinny and shy
looking jaguar visiting us severally…months later jama akapata pesa sijui hata ilitoka wapi

insurance scams

Weka buffer zone kwa matatu pole pole bila kusumbua…shenji



It was a short clip on Facebook. Punguza caps.

Ata mimi shande yangu from apa kwa Abdul nmeinvest vpoa sai wanadai nacheza ligi yakina @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii na @Thirimaii

Insurance scam kwa garage yao hapo nyuma ya lungalunga road.

And Shylocking

How else,kwanza momo kama wewe lazima waseme hivyo juu momos are known to be lazy,so the only way you can make mulla ni kuuza kinyabis

Finish him!!!

Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

For every new millionaire, there are thousands of people slaving for them. Or losing their wealth. Capitalism is brutal transfer of resources from the unwashed to a few owners of capital who are only obliged to provide enough to their drones to live. It is the natural order.

I mean look at a bee colony. A queen bee can live for up to five years while the drones die after 4 weeks of slave labor.

a cover up for money laundering

sakaja was raised by Atwoli. and he is a known tenderprenuer