msito trump amecheza kama yeye


Despite being a bad orangeman atleast alishughulikia lil wayne because he supported him. Ikikuja kwa Kodak black sijui.

R Kelly akauke.

black ni wa kuficha white

Kama tu vile blacks kwa blm walitumiwa kama tissue by white liberals and wakina Biden.

I am v happy for Kodak Black. Can he now stay out of trouble and concentrate on his music…such a huge talent! We his fans are overjoyed. [SIZE=1]I hope no one mentions my age. I am largely influenced by the music my resident teen nephew listens to.[/SIZE]

apatie Rkelly na BIll cosby pardon pia na aangalie pia kama anaweza pardon ile jangili Vybz pale jamaica after all si USA ni the father of earth

No President in his right mind would ever pardon RKelly or Bill Cosby. The American feminists would burn the country down and quite rightly so.

They paid for the pardons. Guiliani was charging $2m per head to forward the paperwork.

Riley Freeman from Boondocks has a thing or two to say

Who is he?
Asking for ile kijiji ingine ya wazae.
The only Kodak they heard of ni ile camera film.

MoD usiniangushe tena. I post his music here on your servers kule kwa entertainment often…my latest post…meria mata na kabuda, Gashwin… hawawes jua yeye…:DPlease listen to him…utaosha cornea pia.
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Young reezy? hmmmmm…

Yeah they did an episode of the R. Kelly pissing bit and it was funny

But Kodak is allegedly a rapist

Allegedly!!!. My fav hit does not depict him as such…here are his lyrics…

. If he messes next time round with gun abuse ajue too…
Leta efdense of him raping…

The case is still ongoing.

Kodak Black Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge in Sexual Assault Case Involving High School Student - Okayplayer

He got his pardon today. Soooo let us see us see where he takes us as his fans. I really love these young rappers. Check this one out Lil Tecca…