Msipige kelele about Samantha Ngina.. Kenya is a Monarch state as highlighted by CIA



[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]We’ll see about that

Or alternatively

Tribes are terror groups; offer zero development purposes.
Tribalists are terrorists and Tribalism is the terror
Therefore Kenya is simply a terror state territory run by terror groups.
Stealing, corruption, control is the order of the day as these groups rule by strength of their own or handshake deals with other groups.

By the same CIA that also killed Lumumba and ensured that DRC is a dead state since then? The ones who must have come up the scaremongering of choices have consequences to herd us into submission? Forhive me if I do not buy their assessments. Mzungu shall never understand Kenya. Allies are foes and allies again in 1 election cycle… Hehehehehe

I thought Uhuru hires them as strategists

45 years later…