Msando Assassination - CCTV Footage Plus Phone Transcripts Minus Tangible Suspects?

The Msando case is baffling. We know Msando and Ngumbu were intercepted in the CBD. They got separated probably almost immediately to focus on Msando himself. Msando’s vehicle has been captured by the better part of perhaps over an hour worth of CCTV footage in different parts of the CBD. I am sure there are fairly verbose phone transcripts that correspond to the apparent struggle that appeared to be described by CCTV footage of Msando on the phone with some entity or entities. Of course there is ultimately the discovery of two bodies in Muguga Forest Kikuyu area about 400M apart of Msando and Ngumbu. Msando’s Vehicle is found in Roysambu corresponding to the abode of a Msando friend or mistress or whatever from witness accounts. A strong possibility that there was a connection between the person associated with Msando in Roysambu where his car was found, and the killers, to explain the how Msando’s car specifically ended up in that spot to be discovered early Sunday morning
CCTV Footage Described To The Media:
There were approximately two mutually exclusive accounts broadly speaking, one of which is necessarily false.
Version 1:
This is the two occupant account in Msando’s car leading out of CBD via Uhuru Highway towards Mombasa Road with two occupants; a man and a woman. Ten minutes later Msando’s car is heading back towards CBD with only 1 occupant and caught joining Thika Highway at about 0247. The male occupant is of course Msando or one of the abductors. Neither version makes much sense. If Msando is the driver, what captivity is he in? If the driver is one of the abductors we have to accept the car merely went towards Belle Vue Area on the Mombasa road to drop off the fat lady in the middle of the abduction and that this specific abductor has certainly been to the Roysambu location where he parked the car, for h0w else would he get there absent of Msando?
Version 2:
This version has various sub-varieties but the gist of it is Msando at the wheel along with a fat lady in the front passenger seat with two younger men to the rear. This versi0n captures Msando driving in and out of the CBD as Msando is also busy appearing to be trying to resolve a situation on the phone with difficulty and ultimately Msando’s car disappears on Thika Highway presumably to Roysambu. This second narrative is much more plausible than the first account where there are 0nly two and subsequently only one occupant who proceeded to head to Roysambu to park the car there.
Totality of People and entities:
At minimum there were:
Msando’s Car
Killers Car
Abduction Team. Fat lady is presumptuously part of the abduction group to make any sense.
Msando and Ngumbu of course
From the various tales floating around it would appear that either Msando’s car headed to Thika Highway t0wards
Roysambu with the 4 occupants and supposedly followed to Roysambu by the abductors’ car or cars and off to the killing grounds, or else the transfer happened s0mewhere on Mombasa Road and off to the killing grounds.

Cause Of The Abductions:
There are generally roughly 3 broad possibilities:

  1. Politically Motivated.

  2. Love Triangle

  3. Procurement/Tender/Business style disagreement. Essentially some kind of reap off.

  4. Political: This particular motive to me based on the totality of events that transpired I find to be more unlikely. The activities described don’t appear consistent with a political liquidation. I doubt there would have been all that struggle on the phone by Msando etc,besides that I didn’t directly how so much useful it was to any one group . Mr. Msando was a manager and not a technician and the system wasn’t enslaved by Msando’s departures and in fact he was only an ICT Manager in the Interim.

  5. Love Triangle:
    Found this to be an infinitesimally possible as for example I seriously doubt the assassination team had even projected Ngumbu and Msando would hang out unless this occurrence was habitual . So I rule that out but especially rule out anything to do with Ngumbu. She appeared more to be pure collateral. Besides that if the grudge was indeed rooted in a love triangle and the ambush had occurred Msando would very quickly have concluded that it is most probable it was the end of him, and we all know just how aggravating this type of thing is for men, and from coverage it appeared to be the case that Msando had ample opportunity to flee, and if his calculation was imminent death, his behavior would have been significantly different and he almost certainly would have sprinted like a madman to save his skin. It appeared more the case that Msando was feverishly working on the assumption that as soon he resolved his issue on the phone he would be okay. If a man has gone to the extent of getting you abducted coz you slept with his woman or whatever you damn sure are more likely than not to wind up as a fatality. So very low probability.

  6. Tenders/Businesss/Reap Off:
    To me this is the most likely scenario and is more consistent with somebody trying to fix in the middle of the night. I don’t think you would be scrambling on that phone to try to sway things one way or another politically in such a setting as the abduction in the middle of the night. Political answer is usually getting rubbed out end of story if it gets to abduction stage. This might have been IEBC related or not. The perpetrators appeared to have done timing to stir political conspiracy fever to make it even harder to figure out the truth.
    Now the damning questions:
    With all that CCTV footage and all the phone transcripts that the best they have at this point is no direct suspects? They just released Msando’s ex landlord. It appeared Msando did something to piss him off and he sent a threat with not much further ado. What I am wondering is what they are doing with the footage. Through careful analysis they would have been almost certainly catch the killers own car from the CCTV footage analysis. Or from shots of some of the people…for example they could have cropped out the face of these parties in the car to protect the rest of the evidence and publish the faces on the media and I am sure at least one of the people caught in the footage would have been identified especially that fat lady.
    I am wondering to who the phone lines that were on the other side of the line with Msando were registered? I believe its almost impossible to identify the parties that were party to the communication with Msando without soon thereafter flushing out the motive and suspects.
    I would have expected serious difficulties getting the story straight if this was indeed a politically motivated scenario evidence which I simply find scanty…or rather I find difficulty envisioning that political beneficiary scenario as applicable here…If mysteriously there is a good political rationale to it…then it is likely foggy clouds and the likes are and have been in effect…and if you are privy of such we are all ears…
    What is your take? I would be interesting in hear other peoples’ insights for those who actually discuss and analyze issues opposed to the many who simply pepper the comment section because they simply must or trying to sound funny like primary kids…minus any insight…

“Those who KILLED my husband will
never have peace” said Msando’s widow

Mimi nimesoma lakini you mean the bugger hakuwa analipa rent?
@Dimz Fala Uko class 5 ama 6?

It is highly likely that those who assassinated Msando were the ones behind the IEBC irregularities and illegalities.

  1. Chebukati`s IEBC username and password was created in his name and used “without his knowledge and consent… to undertake over 9,934 transactions.

  2. A “porous file server system” — rather than a secure one — was used to transmit constituency tally sheets, known as Forms 34B.

  3. GPS coordinates of KIEMS kits were turned off


Wacha ni comprehend. I’ll be back to comment


Sasa you see hapa ndipo one needs to reconcile few things. You see for Msando’s death there is the MasterMind/s really the true killers, and then there are the hitmen who did the dirty work. Now if the mastermind is a true psychopath then statements such as “you will never see peace” have absolutely no meaning. Why? they don’t have a conscience and can 't empathize or internalize another person’s pain. Now such people in society can either turn into well criminals…and they are very comfortable in that domain because they have no sense of accountability or sympathy nadha, or become “CEOs”…the top industry leaders yes are often than not likely to be psychopaths to be able to sleep at night …but if the are normal binadamuz then for sure hawataona amani.

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So how do they measure the porosity of a file system? Are they in reference to the structural deficiencies/weakness inherent to the technology or implementation deficiencies or what you would rather call configuration errors?
Either way…so how precisely does Msando’s death factor in here such that it would not have happened were he alive at the helm? That is my the essential conundrum that I am grappling with.

Soma manemo ya supreme court and wait for more details about the ruling.
For all the 3 above to happen especially the unauthorized access using Chebukati`s username and password, some IEBC officials must have been compromised. I will not be surprised if we find out later more IEBC officials were threatened during this elections.

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Hogwash. A man waz murdered. We need to know who did. And serve justice. Simple. Conspiracies won’t help tell us who the killers were.

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I will be sure to review all the relevant information. The political angle without an accurate justification that fully explicates beyond the speculative I just can’t otherwise be sold on the political motive. Or else, that would have to be the most shady execution phase of such a plot to explain the end result, and that specific apparently disorganized method used and failure of Msando to disrupt the end result. It persists stubbornly in the VAT northbound to my torso that a politically motivated execution of Msando, were it exercised, I doubt he would fail to recognize what fate had in store for him to get the plan to full circle, and I seriously doubt either that a plan that calls for ultimate execution by perforce would have been hinging on manual strangulation…a much more potent if assured method would much sooner be used.

And how do you suppose you would find that out? Abracadabra?

There is something they call MOM and its not necessarily inflection of a female human being.

First off, the killers of Msando must have also killed your rusungu.
Having said that, from your narration, you have severally mentioned that Msando was constantly on phone as captured by the CCTV cameras. Here is my point, it is very easy to identify the phone number on the other end, also, its very easy to identify the imei of the phone used and all other lines that have ever been used on that particular phone. What this means is that, from the onset, the detectives on this case got this information, and they therefore know who killed Msando. Another thing, you and me will never know the truth coz they are not going to tell us. So don’t trouble;e yourself with this, endelea kunukisha kitunguu pahali wewe hunukishia, asande.

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But of course it is that simple and I most definitely will trouble myself with whatsoever I will and that kitunguu you are talking about you are even more pungent of it because if none of it were the case you would not be in this dialogue cooking more onions. If your time has passed move on to the next subject and keep your focus there and don’t tell people what they cook or eat or when to speak you are not an umpire…shuta mbali

enyewe wewe ni fala like your name suggests.

Yes Fala…and you are a fala to have to mention it redundantly

Ati woiga atia? Ndinanyita… Tacokera mani.

And I am confident in future you will be duly diligent in emplacement of abortive if cantankerous minutiae

Wachaneni na huyu @Dimz Fala he is not interested in anyones opinion. Amesema he is interested in peoples insights and when unatoa your opinion anakutusi.

He is just trying to force everyone to believe his narrative and follow him kama kondoo, with him being the head kondoo.