Msalame Grace

The East African Railways and Harbours Corporation (EAR&H) in-service maintenance/ repair of the 5903 Mount Meru locomotive. (year unknown)


this one is from 1955. note that its now E. A. R. the H for harbours is mising.

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keep 'em coming

hehehehehe, glad to see we have got you hooked to locomotives.

he just wants to feel close to @msalame grace hehe


he he, you bet…i love smart girls

Hope she’s not a waiganjo

Huh, the kind who get saved and proclaim to be born again so as to get close to a chic they are eyeing.

precisely. i actually stole my wife from an evangelical church though i didn’t need to get saved. her pastor (RIP) didn’t like it but it wasn’t him or his wife i wanted to marry

DANG, the railway station still looks like it did more than half a century ago?

DANG! you seriously didn’t expect the railway station to grow like a tree or a bamboo bush, did you now?

DANG! your weak attempt at sarcasm!

How about repairing the fence or even adding a building or two to the ones that were erected more than half a century ago? That is what I meant when I said it looks the same today just like it did then.


You mean " I know, right"?

take it easy bro, it wasn’t meant to be that serious; just a bit of humor to send away these morning chills…

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Great pics