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There’s a report I have been working on for the last 6 weeks, and since I have been disappointed before, I saved it on my office365 online. All has been well till this morning when I decided to go through it one last time before presentation on Tuesday.

Shock on me, nimepata every word in the entire 260-page report has been capitalized! I know I could change all text to sentence case, but there are a million abbreviations and proper nouns.

How do I recover?

Just ‘un do’

Sijui kama ni hio[ATTACH=full]132474[/ATTACH]

First, select everything using Ctrl + A

Then press Shift + F3. Continue pressing until the case is the way you want it.

For more options, go to the Home Tab > Font Group > Change Case.


Madondo imekufanya mjinga boss.

Ctrl + Z vile @Fala 12 amesema




Its cycling between lowercase, uppercase, sentence and toggling. No option is working. The change to sentence case would work perfectly except for the abbreviations and proper nouns. Na ziko mingi.

Not helping either. Have undone mpaka the undo button ikakua inactive.

Methinks that you’ll have to edit your abbreviations and proper nouns one by one. Word isn’t designed yo recognize those they way you intended and treat them accordingly…


Kula madondo uongeze kilo…you uwache kukaa kama Shaggy wa Scooby doo

HOWEVER, for common/ repetitive abbreviations or nouns, why don’t you edit one sample the way you want it, then use the ‘Find and Replace’ function in the Home tab to automatically edit the rest?

Afadhali ukose hizo kilo na akili iwe sawa

in short pay @M2Random to edit the document for you.
na 260page report kwani ni petishen ya naswa unapresent

I have had to do it manually. Niko page 73 saa hii. Am yet to understand what transpired.

Mtura-dom hapati job saa hii. Na sio petishen, no kitunguu. Risk Analysis.

That’s the option I have taken.

Thanks. Hii itanisave time coz most are repeated across multiple pages.

Welcome. All the best.