Ms Muthui Is Just An Astute, Smart Business Woman....

A deputy director at the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) bought the bulk of 35 apartments in the four months to September 2019 when Kenya withdrew the old Sh1,000 banknote to tackle illicit financial flows. Ms Muthui is said to have bought 23 apartments worth Sh279 million during the four months when the old banknotes were being retired and she paid cash for the properties, court filings show.

The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) has raised the red flag that the apartments worth Sh374.5 million and Sh94 million in bank accounts linked to Margaret Wanja Muthui were the products of illicit deals, including kickbacks from road contractors.

In a petition certified as urgent, the State agency says Ms Muthui bought 11 apartments in Kileleshwa for Sh264 million in cash between July and September 24, 2019.

Nairobi’s Kileleshwa

She acquired another 12 units in a Ruaka flat in June 2019 for Sh15 million, days after the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) set the September 30, 2019 deadline for converting the old Sh1,000 note into new ones after it became the banknote of choice for criminals in the country.

Those exchanging large amounts were required to explain how they acquired the cash. The move was designed to stop the flow of proceeds of crime such as corruption and counterfeiting of banknotes through the financial sector.

The agency says Ms Muthui allegedly purchased the apartments herself or through proxies and a company whose directors were mostly her relatives or proxies. Documents filed in court showed that she had earlier in March 2019 acquired a flat with 12 units in Ruaka for Sh15 million.

Ms Muthui later acquired a house in Nairobi and land in Riruta, Dagoretti and registered them in the names of other persons to conceal the source of the funds.


Yeye ni mwanamke thick hana akili wala maarifa. Kuna watu wengi ni wezi kwa serikali, lakini kununua apartments mingi ivo bila mpango ni ushenzi. Mwanaume mwenye ameoa yeye, kama kunaye, amefail wanaume.

The road construction firms then build shoddy roads, no supervision or quality control is possible after payment of bribes.

This is blood money.

Buy some BITCOIN and ETHERIUM… keep in a cold wallet… …

She had no option. Either throw the money at dandora or spend it before deadline.

Fossils occupying senior positions in the government have no idea what those things even are.

She didn’t have to do it personally. Kuna njia mingi za kuficha pesa.
wakenya wanajua tu simiti na chuma na kokoto, pesa ya wizi yote imeekwa kwa flats, zenye ownership documents upeanwa na serikali, hapo utajificha aje?

Hotels for example


What’s a cold wallet? :rolleyes: please comb us.

Why did she accumulate that large amount without using? She did not know how to use the money and therefore she should not have stolen it. Stolen money should not be used in bulky

Matress banking gone wrong.Too much money was flowing in from contractors too quickly to convert to assets. Then boom! Uhuru gave her only 3 months, and she panicked.

Here’s how the whole thing looks:

You saying i stole from you but can’t say how much exactly what, how or from where exactly???

You lost nothing and I stole nothing

Si form a Mauritius company through a trusted lawyer and then buy land anonymously. I would imagine they have thought about these things beforehand… Ama they just steal without an end game in mind

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