Mr n Mrs right

o you hear of a Mr. or Mrs. Right
and you always wonder how comes
yours never show up right? You are
not getting any younger and are
tired of all these people trying to get
into your pants but your Right has
not showed up? Would you like to
find him/her? Then keep reading.
The problem with relationships is
they involve people. And I don’t
mean that in a bad way.
Relationships must involve people-
and am all for the one man and one
wife Biblical concept of marriage. It
is so frustrating seeing people get
hurt and most often than not, the
victims are ladies.
So am gonna give you tips on how to
easily, and put emphasis on easily
get your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

  1. Empty your cup
    When you wanna start a
    relationship, it is very important
    your ‘empty’ your cup. Quite
    theoritically and practically. You first
    need to empty your mind and heart
    of all things you are attached to that
    keep pulling you back to your past.
    Was it a bad relationship? Were you
    sexually assaulted? Was he physical
    on you?
    All those nasty stuff that happened
    in the past are exactly where they
    need to be-the past. Get up, dust
    your feet and prepare to move on.
    take as much time you need to make
    those things your past-the memories
    may still exist but should not be a
    core determinant of your future.
  2. Throw away that checklist
    Yes, many bloggers have come up
    with a checklist for your Mr. or Mrs
    Right. Individuals too have come up
    with their checklist. He must be cute
    and handsome, driving, owning,
    working a home bla bla bla bla.
    Yeah guys too have a checklist. Not
    materialistic, simple, homely,
    beautiful-wife material etc. Again I
    repeat, throw away that checklist.
    Humans are very complicated people
    and life too is. We cannot rate
    human beings like a restaurant
    menu-what you see today may not as
    well be there tomorrow. That face
    may be distorted. That house could
    burn down etc
  3. Stop Comparing
    Remember the two points above?
    Yes I was coming to this point. Stop
    comparing. Every single person has
    traits amd characters unique to the
    next person. If you compare the
    haves and have nots of the current
    potential Right to the previous one,
    you are simply trying to get back
    what did not work in your life.
    He was driving and the current one
    does not? Maybe when you broke up
    you should have taken the car with
    you-if that is what was holding you
    to the relationship! She was great in
    bed and the current one aint? Stop
    using sex as groudns for potential
    mate! Actually you need chill till
    after marriage!
    In short, the biggest mistake we
    make is trying to compare or match
    one person to the other-
    unfortunately that is simply an
  4. Adapt
    Once you meet a person who is
    interested in a committed
    relationship, and after choosing to
    give it a try, start adapting. LEarn
    the person and adapt. Find what
    they like, learn their personality,
    know what makes them angry or
    happy and adapt to those situations.
    Adapt yourself to this person’s life
    and lifestyle. Now with this-don’t get
    me wrong-am not asking you to
    compromise your principles and
    adapt yourself to compromising
    situations to save a relationship. For
    instance, am not asking you to
    become a robber with him.
    Adapting means for instance, he
    lieks movies not soaps-make a
    gradual change to accomodate his
  5. Mould your Mr./Mrs. Right
    Simple as that. Find that person you
    wanna love, and love her completely.
    As much as you adapt to her life,
    she will also adapt to yours and
    together you can moud the
    relationship to what you want it to