Mr & Miss Koma 2015<-- the struggle is real

Waaaaaa they try oooh…but the gal in red trao can gerrit tho!! See Left side of pic…that fisi in Red jogging trao…is that a contestant or a mugger? See how he shine teeth…meno za fisi

jamaa si uko na shida



Jirani, it’s never to late to find a woman to love you.

the struggle is real lakini wamejaribu

a (good) picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words lakini hapa sioni story…

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Mimi ni mweusi sana, lakini kuna watu hapo wanaelekea kuwa blue.



FP + Unicorn…nitafteni tew…mtanipata

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If they are over eighteen I would not mind the one in a white bandanner, also the one in a green top kneeling, hao nikipeleka spa, manicure, salon na a few new clothes mafisi wataanza kunusa kunusa in a flash


hehehe ni ukweli :smiley:

Hii fisi huona mbali

inaitwa spotting the diamond in the rough :wink:

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blue siwesmind:D:D:D

kuna book inaitwa In the Castle of my Skin. in it there is a boy so black they used to say when God created him dem light go off. His name? Boy Blue

If we are voting mimi nataka huyu ashinde…