Mr. Juma

I like how these men wanapimana nguvu na mijeledi. I used to have a primary teacher Mr. Joseph Juma who used to be very mean to me in the 80’s. I think he would wank at night after caning me for being adventurous with those sweat smelling teenage girls.

Later in the years I was posted to work for ministry of foreign affairs huko SA. I heard rumors that that there was a delegation of teachers who wanted to come and study some course in some community development .

On a certain day October 1994 we received a delegation of students from kenya who came to study different courses . Alas Mr. Juma was amongst them. So as usual I assigned my juniors to give them orientation tour round Cape Town, but I had a laser focus eye specifically on him .

Mr Juma actually forgot my face because he constantly reminded me how I will never make it to life to be successful . He told me the much success I will have is to open a conglomerate of busaa shops hapo mwitoti hills. But when I introduced myself the day walikuja kwa embassy, I did it quickly and said I was born and raised in Kitale. That threw him off the wagon.

I specifically wanted to handle the last day of the tour.My mission was to take them outskirts of Soweto township so that I could challenge him hapa where these Zulu guys are nimchape viboko sawa sawa.

As we were driving, people narrated their personal lives and he mentioned a student he used to have in Mumias who resembled me. I told him watu hufanana. He paused for a minute and a pandora box was opened. He went saying how stubborn that boy was . He would bring vibuyu za busaa and sell them at a profit to unsuspecting students telling them ni uji made from secret recipe passed from generation to generation . He went on saying of all his teaching career he never handled a student full of potential but mischievous and complicated to the core like him. He even had the courage to date the headmaster’s 2nd wife.

All this time he was narrating, I firmly knew that he knew who I was just that he didn’t want to insist. We met time to time but last day before he left (after one year of study) I invited him for a cold beer kwa nyumba ya msanzi wangu (Mmadiphina, I miss her thick gluts and thick knees).I told him who I was and what my plan was ya kumtandika viboko. We really laughed about it .

As the night crawled , the stories became merry. At one point i puffed a cigarette and asked him why he hated so much to a point of cursing me that the much I’ll have is a conglomerate of busaa dens… "You were full of potential but you were just stubborn . Caning you didn’t help a thing but do you remember teacher Roselina Nambuya?.. I’m the one who sent her to have a one on one mentorship with you.Finally you changed your ways and you are what you are because I changed my approach in dealing with you , " he answered back . Actuality I wondered why teacher Roselina paid attention to my academics more than anyone! Now I got the answer.

He told me something that sent cold chills inside my Vas Deferens. “One of the girls you used to sleep with in sugarcane plantations, there were rumors flying around that the kid she got was yours”, he said pointing his thick fingers to me." You need to make a point to go see your son". I vehemently denied his wild accusation because Praxedis was a village whore. Waalimu kadhaa touched her couchie too because of her humongous gluteus maximus. In fact alinichoma twice ( she gave me gonorrhea and later syphilis). But what he said echoed what my sister once said that kuna mtoto huko kakamega ananifanana. I bid him bye and promised to visit him once I come back home.

Mr juma died of cancer( i suspect okimwi) 4 years later but he was a good man . Anyway enjoy hawa wa Zulu caning each other .

The way you say okimwi oozes stigma.

Ulinyandua Roselina, now that it seems you’d take a stab at a table if it was “dressed” in a skirt?

So you didn’t cane Mr Juma

Nop we ended up talking our past

He was just trying to raise you right lakini wewe kichwa ngumu


Which men? Nice hekaya

There is a video hapo chini purple

Ok thanks. Ungesema video (below). :smiley: Have you ever been to a place called Greytown? It’s a short drive from PieterMaritzburg. That was our second home but it’s been a minute since I was there last. 2015 or so. Did you take Mr Juma to see the Seal Island in Capetown? The winded drive along the cape is beautiful isn’t it.

Yes been to all those places. Was there for year . The late mzee moi had a funny foreign policy. Angetuzungusha kwelikweli.PieterMaritzburg is roughly 70km from Greytown. Yes been all these places very beautiful country i say. Sijui mbona the Boers didn’t colonize Kenya . We would be enjoying nice sceneries like these. I didn’t take Mr Juma huku… just the usual places soweto, Maputo, jo’berg. In the one year he was there im sure he went more places by himself but he was a very romantic person

Cool. Yes indeed RSA is a beautiful, organized country. The countryside at KZN province has a special place in my heart…Your hekaya has triggered fond memories. Keep them coming.

Promise to be dropping one every weekend.

And the truth finally outs.

With pics too! :stuck_out_tongue:

AIDS is not to be trifled with, but you do not have to be a nasty womaniser or homo to get infected.


@Abba kumbe wewe ni kijana mdogo na vile unajifanyaga mzee:D:D

Nice hekaya.

I have always said that @Abba likes sleeping with young school girls, and it seems that that perversion didn’t start today.