Mr Beast in Kenya

Built 30 boreholes for schools bila kelele, meanwhile


Atasema niliongea na Mr Beast nikiwa America akuje kuchimba hizi boreholes and anus lickers @sani @billy_drago @Berlin_Oxford @mikymas watakuwa hapo wakisema yes

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Does anyone ever follow up because some county govts can easily later claim them as their projects when the funfare dies down. Wakuje waweke sign ya county project FY

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Kids love Mr beast.
My kid alerted me to watch the YT video of his African Philanthropy tour.

Such a young gentleman with a big heart.

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He did a very commendable job. Big hats off and respect to him. What a human.

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Joe rigs everything was here first

You wait till janbass takes credit

Tuhame kenya tumwachie nchi. He’s too good. Wow amazing. You should vote for him now

Anus licker, akiingia kwa debe tunatuma jambass sugoi