Mr and Mr Obama

My day could’nt be nicer.
There is this HOYA/or not online claiming that Obama’s wife once a man named Michael. Michael then went transgender/or not and became Michelle.
The theory purports to explain Barrack’s stand on the gay rights issue
Tafakari hayo.

Ndio hii rink ata kaa hantunclink.

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And how do you explain the kids?

Science my friend.

What / Which Science??? Quick one, After Kim Kardashian’s dad transformation, can he be Fucked and still bear kids…???

Hatuclick unless ni clit.

Am not seeking those answers.


If you not whats your interest in gaysim and gender transformation and the science there about…??? And why would you post this shit here, na ndo tufanye nini…?? Cancel his trip or offer him a girl and reverse his age to marry the lady offered…??? Nongwe…

This forum is about information. Lakini nugu kama wewe kuelewa ivyo ni ngumu.


Information ya UPUUS .

its only info. to retards like you. Tell me, do you also believe believe rungu ya moi hugeuka nyoka usiku?

Funga macho na maskio. Better still enda lunch ukirudi upate information on where to buy second hand cigarettes.


Read every word silly!

MMmmmmmmhhhh…!!!..Umesema nini hapo…??? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Kwani umekosa lunch ndio unacatch feelings ovyo ovyo ama ni withdrawal symptoms za second generation alcohol?


He he, mchawi wa chemist,!

on a semi related HOYA this one is a real story. Sijui anafinywa rasa ama anafinya madem coz she/he is close to women more than men. Confused little shemale

Don’t you wish you were? As for my status si ulete wife yako tuone

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Feelings ni wewe matako ya nyoka.

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