Mpya Kutoka Jikoni. Na Siringi. “Utawesa” Kweli?

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Jaluo jing…ama wacha tu

Muscles, muscles and more muscles…but alas, at the expense of the small head!


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Next time you are out and about in #Plano #Texas dont forget these simple rules if ya dont want a cracker cop #bustingacap in yer black jaluo #swole azz.

How Black People Can Avoid Being Killed By Police

1. Don’t be too big (or too #swole). If you’re really tall or heavy, you might be seen as “intimidating” or “like a demon.” If you’re over 6 feet tall, consider getting your legs amputated below the knees.

2. Don’t reach into your pocket or reach for your waistband. Especially if you’re wearing baggy clothes—that means you’re a “thug.” It’s best to avoid wearing clothes that have any pockets; just wear yoga pants or Jeggings. In fact, don’t wear pants or coats or clothes at all. Walk around nude. You will be arrested for indecent exposure, but at least you’re more likely to be taken alive.

3. Stay off the streets, off the sidewalks and away from public parks. You know what? Just stay home. Quit your job if necessary.

4. Don’t carry a toy gun around in Walmart or at the park; people might think it’s a real gun and call 911 on you. In fact, just don’t carry any children’s toys or anything that could be construed to look like a gun, such as a wallet or phone.

5. Don’t make any sudden movements. Try not to move your hands or arms at all. Walk around perfectly ramrod still—but not in a way that makes you look unusually “big” or intimidating, as stated in rule 1; try to hunch your shoulders a little. But not so much that you’re slouching like a “thug,” as in rule 2.

6. Don’t sell cigarettes or CDs. Eric Garner would still be alive today if he had been selling something that was beneficial to society, like subprime mortgages or guns. And Alton Sterling was probably selling CDs that were full of that angry gangster rap hip-hopping music—definitely a “thug.”

7. Don’t have a gun—even if you have a license for your gun and you are allowed to carry a gun according to the laws of your state. Gun rights are only for white people. The NRA exists to help fearful white people feel safe from angry gun-toting black people like you.

8. FACT: Amish people rarely get shot by the police. So grow a beard, learn a few key phrases of Pennsylvania Dutch, and dress like the Amish.

9. Don’t do anything that could be construed as “resisting arrest.” Don’t defend yourself, don’t advocate for your rights, and don’t stand up for yourself against abusive treatment during a routine traffic stop. Try to say or do as little possible. Just quietly lie down on the ground and curl up in a ball (but not in a way that is sudden or intimidating, as stated in rules 1 and 5). If the police are rude, abusive or violent to you, file a formal complaint with the justice system, which has consistently and systematically failed people like you for hundreds of years.

Best of luck Jaduong

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mjamaa ni afande pale plano. Ndie anafyatua maniggah wenzake. yeye ni uncle Ruckus…

:D:D:D:D:D:D nyangau @introvert ameambia hii jaluo jinga itumie hizo hash tag as payment for the drawing , jinga kabisa

Samaki huongeza hakili kweli?? Ama ni kukula samaki na mafi yake???

hashtag half-a-male

:D:D:DAti kush mnono ni msee wa ocha… heheheheh

Hata kwa hiyo mbisha mdomo ni kubwa kuliko kichwa. Which means he talks more than he thinks.