Mps kweli hupenda wanawake

At my local joint, having some discussions with former MP as we were watching the Cameroon game. This guy is in almost 100 what’s app groups from different regions, calls calls calls every time, what I can tell you is that kibicho husumbua sana, sonko is childish and huruka sana watu, Gideon hakunywangi sana, farouk ni mtiaji and anaweza kuruka kwa pesa. Anyway. I don’t understand the obsession mps have with college girls, seems like it’s a thing they really enjoy.

Also, did you know about the national gun owners association? Great club to join in Nairobi.

Only straight people have this “problem”

Great discovery. MPs have dicks.

Uko Kiambu Kiu Kenda…nimepitia hapo Ngao saa huuu tu

mko club and instead of talking about soccer, beer and women you are busy discussing other men

Nilijionea maneno. Pale America kila msee amejihami na gun kwa keja, mgongo (Alabama sanasana), ama kwa car locker. I stopped viewing guns as a symbol of prestige after that.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy thread

National gun owners association is a club for small dicked men, wanashika bunduki wanafeel nice, wanajifeel kama wanaume wengine.

Enda ununue yako tuone, Ghaseer

Politics is a different discussion, it’s about power chief

This place gets boring fast… Ni kama story za watchie unapita tu kuisikia masauti ya ka field nigger

@digi kwa hivyo tuseme wewe ni mkale ama?

Lakini usiniambie wewe ni another handle of that meffi called @Budspencer.

I noticed the food you eat is similar to the food he posted here some time back. And he also likes name dropping. “I met Obama, he is… you know Sudi is my neighbor, we all know him…”

Hapana chief, we met purely by coincidence, I have no reason to name drop anyone. Serves no purpose

A nephew once told me that mpango wa kando wa a certain MP told her that when these MP’s go to a place like kirinyaga , they come with other mp’s , mca’s kwa club on FRIDAYS and Kirinyaga University wasichana huwa hawaonekani hostels coz walikimbilia politicians …

These MP’s huwa wanawachocha how rich they are and they are birrionaires …so utaskia an MP saying …I am a birrionaire , niko na tender mingi , and this MCA is a mirrionaire , huyu pia na huyu are very rich…to impress the b*tches then wanawakula sawa sawa … TRUE STORY

If you have a daughter in university , pole…

Kwani watu hawakutambua story from the campus divas ish a very fucking short while back pun intended

@Skrew-you umekua wapi ?