Guys, I waa registerimg for Mpost and after I have paid 300/- inaniambia ni login lakini kwa site sioni option ya kulog in. How do you guys go about it.

It has nothing to do with log in. You just dial their USSD code and you’ll receive your account number after following the steps.

USSD code haileti option ya MPOST.

You know you have ignored me so I would have mentioned you in important threads and that would be a waste of time.

Renewed recently never got a confirmation text kuna parcel nangoja very important unfortunately haina tracking number nimeshinda nikingoja text haifiki

Funnily enough, I’ve never renewed my mpost for almost a year but I still collect my parcels and pay 100 bob for each just like every other person

Hio parcel ikifika am done with them… Narudi courier these guyz have liquidity problems and workers miss pay for several months am suspecting they are on go slows

Same here :smiley:

When I registered I was made to understand it is a one time payment

I’m pretty sure it’s an annual subscription unless they changed it up recently

as long as you paid and you have the mpost address, thats all you need

Also recently received my package and thats when they called me to renew my mpost but i can’t do that. Si niko na address

So its working? How long did it take?

2 months after expiry and yet received that package after the expiry date

my first package was dispatched on oct 1st 2020 from north america haijawahi fika soo sijui ni crappy posta or generally international mailing na haina tracking number so am waiting in the dark. The seconf one on 18th feb 21 sijui kama zitawai fika!

Don’t waste your time on registering an mpost account. Just be using your mobile phone number as an address with the required postcode and that is all. Don’t waste your money. I subscribed and paid for it once but I realised that they don’t even check if you have registered.

Sadly, though not surprising, this service appears to be headed in the wrong direction.

I registered for the service back in mid 2016 and everything was smooth until late 2019. Mails and parcels used to arrive with minimum delay and the process of collecting them was simple and orderly. Nowadays, you are never sure whether your parcel has arrived or not because you may never get a notification of the same.
As I write this, there are parcels that were sent last year but I’m yet to receive them.

An official ‘Mpost’ number that used to send notifications for incoming parcels and address renewal to subscribers is no longer used. Nowadays, the notifications are sent from personal mobile numbers.

If it means warudishe tu hiyo annual subscription fee so as to improve the services, then so be it.

Notification hazikuji kabisa

Last time I had to part with Ksh. 100 to collect a $1 item with an active MPost Account. Thereafter I didn’t see the need to pay for an MPost Account and Processing fee…

But as long as your phone number is on a parcel, Posta will notify you once it arrives.