Mpo tu?

I’M BACK COMRADES!!! (not forgetting the sour puss brigade, mnaweza endelea kukunja sura mfanane bulldog)

Asandeni sana @Eng’iti @Jirani @Yule Karis Black (my unikely hero) @Kill The Buzz @Ruffneck @Swansea @alphagroup @Grundy @Abba and the rest for saying what people don’t like hearing/reading. Ukweli usemwe tujenge nchi united. Niko Molo nachuna magashui,


kutembelea familia kidogo, nipitie one of the very many schools I attended,

Now, first order of business. I wish to apologise to a section of villagers for what transpired the other day. I admit it was nasty. I’m overly creative and on applying that creativity to that matter it came out nastier than it was in my head. For that I apologise to you, a section of the villagers.


If wakameffi group of kungunis is expecting an apology for what I did to it, it can go fuck itself with a cactus and use sulphuric acid as a lubricant. As @Acoustic said, it’s time to leave the issues of 2016 in the past and look forward to newer things in 2017. Now, how was I supposed to move on to a new year with that kunguni appearing everywhere, insulting me on a daily basis, FOR A WHOLE YEAR, WITH NO VALID REASON AND WITHOUT REPLY, even after I ignored several of it’s handles to maintain the peace?

For all those saying that kunguni was joking, please say again how that is a joke. If that kunguni was any intelligent, after blocking several of its handles, if it was a joke, wouldn’t it have realised that I’m not interested and stopped back in May? Why carry it forward using other handles up to December? Is it a must everyone finds his insults palatable? Do you set the standards for palatability?

Back to my analogy. Let me pose a question to you venerable talkers and hypocritical pretenders (who dare not say anything while I’m around, but quickly come from behind their tribal skirts to throw sweeps at me when they know I’m not around to respond), how would you deal with a kunguni infestation? Would you pick one up, place it on your palm, caress it while whispering to it, “wakungunimeffi, si muende musumbue mtu mwingine 2017? Mumenichosha.” (Insert xaxa generation bitch accent)

The best known method to deal with a kunguni infestation ni kutafuta chemicals that are toxic to it and target its forebearers and the eggs it lays, subject everything you suspect where it may be present to searing heat, and they will disappear for good. There’s a reason why scorched earth policy, use of mustard gas/chemical warfare and nuclear war was successful even though they were/are inhumane.

There comes a time where remaining silent is no longer an option. I used the same principle to ensure that kunguni will think twice about carrying forward it’s insults to the new year. Insults, by the way, which it has no valid reason reason to be insulting me, FOR ONE WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!!! Is that not a kunguni on a mission? One year I’ve been ignoring that kunguni and its handles. One year.a

Please say again how that piece of shit was joking.

By the way, in that one year, these hypocritical pretenders running around defending the kunguni never said a word about it. When I took action, why the sudden interest? You should have left it between me and him like you had done when it was him insulting me and I wasn’t replying.

Again, I apologise for subjecting you venerable villagers to that, I should have sent it to its inbox, and I still have a lot to learn. It was gruesome, but it was necessary. (hypocritical pretenders you can pucker your lips and slobber my arse.)

That being said, let me put this matter to rest. Should that kunguni try his antics on me again, I will not hesitate to take the same course of action. Immediately. 1 year of continuous insults without valid reason, without reply, is all the licence I need. Iendelee na shughuli zake, sitashughulika nayo ju sijawai shughulika nayo. Ajaribu kunitusi nitarudia vile nilifanya. It is unfortunate but necessary. This is the last time I am speaking of that kunguni. For the sake of sanity, it should do the same or I might exercise some creativity.

I have no reason to insult anyone and if I did, you probably did it first. I apologise. (never to that idiot) Let bygones be bygones.

@Fala 12 by the way, since when did asking pertinent questions that you consider hostile become “kucatch feelings”? Should matters not be questioned because they go against the grain that has been set for you? Should you not be asked questions that you clearly have no comprehensive answer to? Is this also “kucatch feelings”? Or is it that I ask too many questions that you cannot answer?

@byro I’m not here to seek anyones approval, or to be liked, or to create a false sense of eldership like you chose to imply (seems that’s what matters to you. And it was an exquisitely pathetic attempt at whatever it was you were trying to do. I honestly felt sorry for you reading those comments.), nor am I here to lick anyones arse or have mine licked, or fit in to a certain way of thinking and doing things. I contribute where I can and observe where I cannot contribute. If you don’t like what I have to say or do, or if you feel threatened by what I have to say or do, or if you can’t expand your mind to take in what you’re not used to, you are free to avoid them. That will not stop me from doing what I do. Isn’t this just rude?

Muende sasa mudiscuss vile nimecatch feelings.

NB: Apan tambua taka taka.


manze ndio nimemaliza kuchora thread on yr behalf…am still posting it though


kuja pole pole kiyana

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merry xmas

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Karibu sana Jazz, masweep tumepigwa hapa si kidogo, we glad you are back


Welcome back KDF… Tegea WakaSpokesmen:D:D


Welcome back mblo


Karibu sana Army man… Angusha nuclear arsenal yote…kwani iko nene


there’s no real beef in ktalk, wagombanao ndo wapatanao…


Karibu mkubwa. We have a lot of work to do as 2017 approaches. :smiley:


Two men with small penises brought together by a common hatered of another man.

Better love story than twilight.

Broke-Men mounting.


Hapana tambua converse

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@Jazzman there is a very big difference between asking pertinent questions and being abusive and/or catching feelings…
that being said you are one of the villagers i consider sane with very informative threads, (kdf & phones) lakini its you sane ones we are supposed to be wary of because you dont want to be @Wakanyama when that cool pot boils over.

one thing i know its good to be easy and let things slide in this village … enjoy your holidays lakini na urukishe mwaka bila stress za waka group…


Bado Wewe ni Jazzmeffi.

@Jazzman I salute you for standing up. Karibu tena unitafute tukakunywe bibo


@Chiefkiumbe amejianika akiwa mlevi ghafla bin vuu akaing’oa hiyo thread

Tumesikia kunguni iliacha ile troubled handle. Anyway we are all villagers and we are a family .let’s move on


Glad you’re back sir.

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Crew, tuko pamoja

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@Wakanyama usi reply kwa hii thread