MPESA down during the weekend

The 19 million Kenyans who use M-Pesa for their financial transactions will be left stranded over the weekend. The popular mobile phone money transfer system will be shut down on Saturday and Sunday as Safaricom moves it from servers located in Germany to Kenya.Si watu wataenda hasara.

over the past few weeks there have been many interruptions on MPESA but atleast this time we have been informed earlier on


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Are they shipping in the servers or they are setting up new ones?

And will that move lower the cost of mpesa transactions?

The thing has already been set up, what’s remaining is migrating to the new system, guess they’ll retain the one in Germany as a back up.

na location ni wapi?? :D:D:D

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pia mimi naurisako:) hivyo?

I have promised my whole village I will send money only on Saturday or Sunday this week as I am traveling abroad :slight_smile: