I have never seen a man like @Mpenda who knows all lanyes and kungurus in and out of Kenya. Man, you deserve a presidential award/recognition. But my question is; Mzito, is it something self-taught or uliachiwa talanta na mababu?

(nirushie kunguru young some boobs sugush type pale inbox nikurushie za macho)

Nani ameona huyu of late? Najua @Mpenda ushaweka stamp


The big picture is how much has @Mpenda spent on malanye. My guess is buying pusssy has cost him millions na bado analipa rent ya bedsitter. The sadness of life

jmoy kwanza leta digits za huyo kabla mpenda arudi.

You are stupid @Mpenda is neither a man nor buys lanyes. Shes a female sex worker/pimp

@Mpenda is a kumaholder btn the legs

Wait, Mpenda is a woman???

Idiot, you are yapping like a bitch here you wanker and you are always the first to comment here in every post at “ siwezi mind kulipa”…what a fool… I work hard for my money and I spend it how I want … go lecture your mother fool… for your information, I am an employer not an employee… no one is struggling in bedsitters like you( and is it a crime for people to live in bedsitters ) … I am not here to prove how I am doing in life… we are here to have fun and pass time … hizo ujinga zingine jiekee

See your posts fool… you are the problem here… sadness of life ., I am not arguing with a MAD MAN…[ATTACH=full]294365[/ATTACH]

Nop, he’s not,I know this guy…

No his real name is Mwenda which is Mpenda in Meru

Ok, I see

Mpenda= Mwende= A hooker in SJ

Post ya :meffi:.

True. Spend your birrions anyway you like.

True. Spend your birrions anyway you like.

@uwesmake can we categories this as gaayy?

We are here to have fun and not to judge lifestyles that’s why me and some people here like mpenda we always give out lanyes number its your turn anyway so vile mtu anaspend pesa yake its non issue btw I’m open I have like 1k lanye numbers feel free to inbox me nikupee number tusalimiane hizi vitu hazitaki hasira bwana

Sorry 100 plus not 1k

So @Mpenda is a hoe? anaeza kubali rwabe?

Let’s respect iphone - iphone si infinix